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Monday, July 12, 2010

Holding Our Fire...

He is The One. Or is he? You tell me.

JEFFREY.24.1-23. All of us here at  InstaPunk have been deliberately avoiding in-depth political commentary of late because things are happening under the surface on many fronts, and it's impossible to make sense of therm on a day-to-day basis. It's very easy to outsmart yourself by drawing inferences from the movement of individual grains of sand. When it comes to sand, the question becomes: When do we reach a tipping point at which some variation on an avalanche occurs?

As far as I'm concerned, we're still building to the next tipping point. But a lot of sand grains are shifting.

Our incompetent congress is about to approve an Associate Supreme Court Justice whose career has been exclusively political, with experience in neither litigation nor judicial opinions. And regardless of spin, she is a radical lib, anti-military, pro-partial-birth abortion, and lefty elitist in all her associations. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Justice is in the process of trying to reconfigure the balance of powers under the Constitution by ramming its political agenda down the throats of individual American states and citizens in three different arenas:

1) Bringing a preemptive suit against the State of Arizona to prevent that state from protecting its own imperiled borders.

2) Mandating the non-enforcement of civil rights laws if the infractions are committed by blacks against whites.

3) Defying the rulings of its own federal courts by using the legal process to ensure the rnd of all offshore drilling in the Gulf.

All of these initiatives represent an anti-democratic opposition to the will of the American people as a whole or to the will of Americans in specific regions of the country. Overwhelming majorities of American citizens favor the Arizona law the DOJ can't even wait to go into effect before trying to preempt in a raw judicial power play. Overwhelming majorities of people in the Gulf states oppose the removal of a key high-employment industry from their local economies in a time of severe economic recession which for them, given the poorly managed spill response, threatens to become a long-term depression. And I will make the point, if it needs to be made, that a poll I haven't seen taken yet would also show the American people opposed to a federal legal policy of giving a total pass to black racism, intimidation, and registration fraud at the polls.

[Throughout, the administration, led rhetorically by this same DOJ, continues to pretend Islamic radicalism is not the source of terror attacks against the U.S., even while the normally amoral Euro-World exhibits a becoming frisson of distaste for the "death by stoning" sentence imposed on a muslim woman by nuclear-weapons-bound Iran.]

But the administration plows on, almost naked in its contempt for the Constitution and the citizenry. The president himself seems to become more acidly superior to any and all opponents of his will in his public utterances. He's taken to challenging reality itself by claiming economic improvements no one believes are occurring, His tone gets more scornful the farther his assertions get from reality. Why? I don't think there are any "conventional" political explanations that work. Which is why the typical pundits are at a loss. (Note that Newt Gingrich and Charles Krauthammer are finally arriving at conclusions articulated here before Obama even became president {not to mention after.}. In this respect, they're late to the game and probably falling further behind what's really going on.)

I hesitate to say what I'm thinking because I'm still waiting, waiting for more shoes to drop. But I also feel an obligation to share an outlandish hypothetical I haven't come to any decision about yet.

What if the Obama administration is pursuing a two-pronged strategy contrary to all previous political machinations in the history in the United States? What if it's seen as a PLUS by his minions that the Democrats lose both the house and the senate in the midterm elections? Even the worst case predictions give the Republicans nothing more than scant majorities in both houses of congress. Nothing that would amount to a threat to the president's veto power. Clinton used Gingrich's ascendancy after the '94 elections to make him the villain of contemplated government shutdowns. In fact, he used Gingrich's political success to destroy Gingrich's career. That was inspired defense. What if we're looking at now is inspired long-term offense? Obama might actually prefer a Republican congress he can depict as paralyzing, obstructive, and an irrelevant posturing distraction from the needs of the nation. Their majority, made impotent by his noncooperation and thunderingly self-righteous vetoes, might serve to demonstrate that the constitutionally equal branches of government are (and hence the Constitution itself) permanently broken and therefore obsolete.

Which leads us to the second prong of attack, already in motion. The courts supersede legislative functions at both the atate and federal level. They can rewrite the Constitution on the fly, overrule legislation (or rewrite it from the bench), ratify regulations written by bureaucrats who never have to receive congressional approval, and ultimately merge the executive with its handmaiden in beneficent black robes, even to the point of deciding an ugly, racially nasty, and automatically contested presidential election in 2012, when the prospect of an Obama defeat can be spun as an anarchical danger to the long U.S. tradition of smooth (non)transitions of power. "We can no longer trust the archaic constitutional process to serve us in a time of such immense national crisis." [No need for martial law or any appearance of a coup.] "The Department of Justice will investigate and make its determination of applicable law," said Robert Gibbs, as seconded by editorials in the NYT and WAPO and the anchors of CBS, NBC, and ABC. Everybody happy now?

Toss in the chaos of a deliberately provoked unilateral strike by undefended Israel against Iran -- and the resultant shock to the 'oil-addicted' economy of a U.S. more dependent than ever before in its history on muslim oil, and what do you have? The opportunity for more reforms, transformation, and CHANGE than anyone in the U.S. ever dreamed possible. Hell, we could even begin to achieve something like social justice (with an asterisk called Sharia).

But that's why we haven't been analyzing the drip-drip-drip of current events. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

We're thinking about it all, though. Just so you know.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Eavesdropping on
my own email

PYE CRUST. Sometimes I send mischievous emails to my favorite correspondents. I sent one last night to the commenter you all know as Eduardo. I directed his attention to this article at (I'll wait while you take the link and read it. I won't even tap my foot. It's pretty darned interesting.)

He responded this morning, saying (in part):

I'll have you know, reading this tonight has taken up my designated Sharpe time, so you should feel honored.  I also had to endure the awkward silence from my wife as I discussed this with her and the article started getting into aliens.  "What the hell is this InstaPunk guy brainwashing you with??" is what I'm sure she was thinking...

I am sick and fucking tired, to death, of people who think they're brilliant simply by invoking Darwinism or saying everything is random chance.  Happened again last week. They have not given much thought to anything.  I would much rather argue with Lloyd Pye about whether or not aliens created us to be their servants instead of arguing with somebody who believes that everything is nothing and will shout you down to prove his point...

It's like knowing the end of a really boring story. There's just no wonder or amazement. I don't know how people live like that. Maybe that's why they kill themselves so often. Like Hemingway. But things like the article you sent me present fun, exciting questions. So I guess this is a roundabout way of telling you I think I understand why you value your friendship with Lloyd and enjoy talking to him even though you disagree with him a lot, as you said. Who knows if he's right or not, but I'll bet talking to him is more interesting than anything my brilliant, nihilistic friends have to say.

He also asked what I thought of the article I sent him. So I responded with this:

"So what's your opinion?  How accurate does what they are saying seem to you?"

I don't know. But to me it's a more fruitful line of inquiry than the conventional wisdom of atheist scientists. I'm tired to death of the absurd, illogical assumptions that dominate "intelligent" mentalities. On the one hand there are no UFOs because why would they come here? On the other hand cosmologists are very very clear about the fact the earth-moon relationship is both incredibly rare and the principal reason why we exist as intelligent creatures. Why are these two subjects never discussed at the same time? The earth-moon relationship is a fucking beacon for anyone seeking intelligent life. Which means: IF there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, they are here watching us. Definitely.

What the atheists can't answer: Why is there mathematics? How can intelligence be an emergent property of a universe that is not itself intelligent? What part of "you can't get something from nothing" do they not understand?

The death of wonder is the death of the spirit. What I have never succeeded in conveying is my ABSOLUTE contempt for atheists. I don't regard them as rival philosophers. I regard them as incredibly stupid, incurious, and dull dull dull. We exist. We are here. Why? To have NO interest in that question is to me unspeakable. Just how fucking brain dead can you be?

I realized then that I hadn't quite shared this particular strain of contempt with all of you. Now I have.

FLASHBACK. Eduardo's email caused me to go back and reread the whole Lloyd Pye saga at InstaPunk. Here is where the rubber really hit the road. The best part is the comments section. (We lost a commenter because of the exchange, but that's life.)  I'm proud -- probably unjustifiably so, as usual -- of the fact that Lloyd Pye chose this site to enunciate a personal creed that would stand the whole country in good stead at this moment in time. And I'm also proud of the fact that our commenters damn near wrote a book about science, philosophy, and the nature of truth. Not to mention some moving personal revelations by commenters who were defending Pye (even if they didn't agree with him), counterbalanced by the stuffy non-personal posturings of those who saw themselves as superior to Pye. Is this relevant to the crisis facing our country right now? Yes. I think so. As always, you're free to disagree.

Lloyd's in AustraliaLondon at the moment. If he's checking in here (he is), I want to thank him again. His appearance here was strictly a favor to me. For all you skeptics, if he's not a unicorn, how do you account for the volume and care exhibited in the comments on his post? Hmmmm.

I'm still delighted to have him as a friend. I wish everyone could have someone like Lloyd as a friend. It keeps your mind sharp, believe me.

Seditious Hit

WEAPONS.3.1-14. Who knew? She has great hair and cheekbones and she rhymes 'listen'with 'system.' Inspired. Never heard the word 'accountability' in a song lyric before, either. The captions help, but what the hell is going on here? Are people really starting to fight back? It makes this old heart beat a bit more assertively. (As if anybody anywhere wants that to happen...)

Remind Me...

Yeah, I'm the one in the glasses. But I was awake the whole time. Honest.

WE ALSO REVIEW STUFF. The heat wave of the summer has had us in its grip. (Forget the AGW crap; it's been this hot before, and I keenly remember when.) That's why this weekend Mrs. CP and I hid in the air-conditioning with the new puppy and took in some teevee. I, of course, was spinning reviews of everything while we watched, because that's what incredibly brilliant idiots do with their downtime, and I'm just bursting with fully formed assessments of the following:

The Book of Eli
The Story of Us (marathon)
Revolution (marathon)
A Capitol Fourth
The Boston Pops Fourth of July Celebration
The Macy's Fourth of July Celebration
The Philadelphia Fourth of July Celebration
In Plain Sight
(one episode featuring a Catholic priest)

And a sleeper Irish movie called...

In America

If you want any of my perfect pearls of wisdom about these teevee things, remind me. I'll probably forget about them if you don't.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yup. Them muslims made spacesuits before there was even space. Kewl.

NOT WANTING TO BE (ALWAYS) RIGHT. My Gawd. What are we supposed to think, or say? Our favorite commenter sent me this link via email. I'd seen it, but I couldn't begin to know what to do with it.

What the F___?!

Except that I'd said this a long long time ago.

The radical muslim interpretation is not one wild hare. It's two. Which should give everyone pause. There's a circling back that should make people queasy. He migrated to Indonesia as a child, where the evidence suggests he attended a muslim school as a muslim. That's not hard to understand by itself. One can outgrow early influences. But what if one doesn't outgrow early influences? He returned to the United States, clambered onto the most positive track anyone could hope to follow, and then found his way back to not just anti-American influences like Bill Ayers but much more problematic leading lights like Reverend Wright, who preached a perverse version of Christianity that found common cause with frankly religio-racial organizations like the Nation of Islam. The Reverend Wright was(is) an admitted admirer of Louis Ferrakhan. What was Obama doing in Wright's church? Is he really a Christian? Or is he a little known species of revolutionary we might term an "African Black Muslim"? Think about it.

Does that count? As saying something about the NASA absurdity? A long long time ago. Too bad I'm such a paranoid. I could be smart if I weren't so damned stupidsmart.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Saved to Paper

Have you seen 'The Book of Eli'? Same principle.

FOLLOW-THROUGH. We live in fascinating times. American liberty and freedom of speech have never been under greater threat from within. The Obama administration is clandestinely but determinedly seeking ways to control speech it doesn't like on both the airwaves and the internet. Simultaneously, we are living through the most astonishing democratization of the mass distribution of individual expression in the history of history. It's a "best of times, worst of times" moment that dwarfs anything Dickens could have conceived. What is bound to change is history itself, meaning our understanding of what history is and how it is best recorded.

Bear with me. I'm making an argument for why you should buy Doc Zero's new book, even though you may already have read some of its content. I've got it, I'm reading it, and more importantly I'll be keeping it on a small important shelf for the rest of my life. So should you. Now I'll explain why. If the argument seems roundabout, it really isn't. It's actually a process of spiraling in to the center of things.

The blogosphere isn't quite what it appears to be. Most of us are taken by its quality of right-nowness. Which is valuable and mind-expanding in its horizontal reach. Ninety-plus percent of all blogs are reaction snapshots: "Hey, did you hear about this? Here's what I think based on what I'm hearing across the internet." An inch deep and a mile wide. The internet infinity rippling out from an Everyman "I" who is, ultimately, one more pebble tossed into the electronic pool of the present. Insight -- when there is any -- is the sum of the ripples on the surface of that continuously expanding present. It lives and dies by hyperlink. Archetype: InstaPundit. In a sense this huge chunk of the blogosphere is a high-tech version of the child's game of "Telephone":  Here's what I'm understanding based on what he and she and they and their links are understanding and confirming. There may be nuggets of individual contribution, but that's all they are, however dressed up in clever rhetoric and pungent metaphors. Each voice is a spider crouched at the center of the particular web he spins. The web itself consists of what others are saying and doing -- how they're reacting --  right now.

But there's more to it than that. There are also vertical bloggers. These are not spiders, not spinning webs. They're more like the ice cores geologists collect to determine what was happening in a particular year or age of earth history. There is a fundamental physics that remains constant through time. Physics does not change from year to year or age to age. That's why the cores can be trusted  Their principal properties remain, despite the perceptual distractions of other influences. They're not spinning webs on the transient trees. They are what they are, and we can measure meaning from their constancy.

Because of this, we can also value them in the moments that sway others like hurricanes and earthquakes. The hurricanes and earthquakes are there to be seen in the cores, but their physics are not altered by mere weather. They are the immanent essence that allows us to put temporal events in perspective.

Too abstract? The diaries and letters of the keenest observers have always been prized. Samuel Pepys. James Boswell. Something about seeing what the clear-eyed ones had to say without the benefit of hindsight. A way of determining who's percipient and who's a shrewd rationalist after the fact. To me, for example, the credibility of William Shirer's monumental Rise and Fall of the Third Reich rests on the same author's Berlin Diary. He was there while it was happening and was not fooled. Therefore I can trust his scholarly history afterwards. I trust his core.

Before the internet age, the credentialing diaries and letters -- because of the labor involved in their assembly -- always came decades after the histories, biographies, and critiques that set the latches for conventional wisdom. Reagan, for example, was portrayed by the academic establishment as an amiable dunce for so long that his published letters and other writings were treated as an anomalous footnote when they were finally published, their inherent proof that Reagan was an astute political and cultural thinker arriving too late to dent the mass media mythology of his dim-wittedness.

But now we are in the internet age. If we could capture what the core thinkers were thinking during the Age of Obama, it wouldn't be possible to pull off the charade that still obtains in the case of FDR. And it was a charade. My dad was no blogger. He was just a man with a voice. He was articulate and specific about the fact that FDR's New Deal perpetuated rather than ended the Great Depression. As so many economists now understand. But we're left with the myth that FDR somehow saved capitalism from itself by turning a recession into the longest lasting Depression in the history of the United States. A huge, grotesque, continuously monstrous leviathan of a lie. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a blog record of all the people who knew what was happening, and why, while that fantasy was being created for the history books?

You bet it would. The Obama nightmare wouldn't have been able to perpetrate its frauds and sinister intentions if more people knew that objections to FDR's policies were not ex post facto sniping but delineated in stark, well argued terms at the moment they occurred.

Which is why you all need to buy Doctor Zero's book. It's a time capsule of beautifully argued rebuttals of Obama policies at each step of Obama's assault on America during his first catastrophic year in office. It's not reactionary spouting; it's the core proving its internally consistent physics AS events are unfolding. Logically, calmly, at times elegantly.

That's why we who care about the outcome and the impact on our children and grandchildren also have a responsibility to back up the hard drives of our minds by saving to paper. Yes, the record is there, electronically, right now. Will it still be there in a year or ten? When you want to prove in 2020 or 2040 that there were people who knew what was happening and tried desperately to stop it, what evidence will you still be able to present? The internet is only flashes of electricity that can be lost in a storm, hidden in impenetrable archives, or erased by persons and motives unknown.

Doctor Zero has written intelligently and rationally about the destruction of our nation and explained the reasons and their roots, as it is happening, Don't you want a day by day and month by month record of that? That you can hold in your hand and read out loud to your own children and grandchildren with the immediacy and passion of Shirer's Berlin Diary? If you don't, you're part of the problem of accelerating memory loss:

Here's your chance at being part of our nation's SAVE routine. Ultimate backup. Evidence. Proof. By the book. Buy the book.

Your act. That's what I mean by the "center of things."

UPDATE. This is neither here nor there, but the post Eduardo is linking is this. Granted, it's a decade old, but maybe he has a point. Ice cores aren't confined to those who have frigid names. Here's what Doc Zero said about the InstaPunk book proposed by Lake:

You absolutely should, for all the reasons you laid out in that review.

But the better half has made it clear I can't be involved. "You'd just screw it up with all your nitpicking," she said. Over to Lake and company.

Still. Nobody alive can duplicate this pre-Internet feat.

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