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Friday, December 15, 2006

Coming Soon:
Holocaust II

KRAUTS.34-39. I realized yesterday what we're up against with regard to the plight of Israel. Not because of the holocaust deniers' execration underway in Iran, although that's an important factor obviously. The most outrageous villains are always easy to spot. They're not as scary as the presumably decent people at the edges, the ones who have acquired the trick of squinting away the signs that the unthinkable is becoming not only thinkable but eminently possible.


Sean Hannity. He's aways been a pompous, undereducated blowhard who repeats the same handful of points ad nauseam. But his performance yesterday was one for the ages. He spent approximately an hour hosting a screaming match between David Horowitz and some idiot named Weber who's attending the Iran Holocaust Supporters' Convention, and he interrupted at intervals to denounce Weber as an anti-semite. In the event, Horowitz didn't need any help exposing Weber as a deceitful Jew-hating piece of scum. What was interesting was what happened afterwards. Hannity immediately reran a lengthy excerpt of his previous night's conversation with Mel Gibson, somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes of him French-kissing Gibson's ass: fawning over the speed of his mind, the power of his creativity, the gloriousness of his latest filmic bloodletting, and the incredible humility with which Gibson has responded to his recent public pillorying. Ad nauseam is an insufficient term for this particular display of feckless idolatry. And at no point did he appear to recognize the contradictions represented by the two segments.

I thought about the terrible things Gibson said in his drunken spree, I thought about the MSM and Hollywood libs who ostentatiously condemned him at the time, and I thought about the Uber-Tolerant left who have adopted the threadbare cause of the Palestinians, and I saw exactly how the second holocaust will come about.


Make no mistake. Gibson is an anti-semite. Not all forms of belligerent, hateful drunkenness are created equal. The inexcusable things said to family and friends in such episodes admit of multiple interpretations -- a gush of personal pain, the twisted expression of long repressed grievances, a cry for help, an inside-out bid for intimate contact. Not so with more categorical topics like politics and race. This is the area where the adage "in vino veritas" rings true. If this is the realm into which your existential rage reaches in a fit of chemical-induced insanity, you are revealing something fundamental about the state of your soul.

But as far as Hannity is concerned, Gibson has an excuse. Drunken anti-semitism is forgivable. It can be overlooked, explained away, exalted into the the transcendant virtue of repentant humility. Unlike Weber, Gibson doesn't need to be interrogated about where he stands on the question of just how many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. That would be impolite. Hannity also has an incentive to forgive Gibson because so many of the liberal MSM and Hollywood critics of Gibson's behavior are clearly explicit or implicit sympathizers with the Palestinian and other Arabs who are plotting the extermination of Israel. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This last cliche sounds as if it might be the unifying principle, but it isn't. If it were, MSM libs who blasted Mel Gibson would be embracing Israel and the Jews, as well as the U.S. policies the muslim nations see as transparent proofs of irrational American allegiance to Israel. But they're not. Mel Gibson's outrageous behavior merely provided them with an opportunity to be showily indignant in a way that could be cited later as evidence that they never intended or wanted the ghastly fate that befell the Israelis when Iran unexpectedly launched its nukes. Another beautiful excuse.

Of course, not all of this theorem is about Gibson. Academic lefties didn't waste a lot of time piling on, and in parts of Europe, notably including the U.K., Gibson's popularity actually rose a notch because of his diatribe. The truth is, he's irrelevant to their excuse, which has mostly to do with their preference for the incompetent over the capable. Translated, this means they have empathy for the weak, who are always the victims of the strong. Why? Because they know in their own souls that they also have become the weak, and by dint of experience they know that the greatest strength of the weak against the strong is continuous irrational accusation that wins not on its merits, but on its refusal to see reason ever.

Europeans hate the Jews because they have a history of being subjugated by the aristocracy, that group which claimed for centuries to be their betters. Jews are even worse than the Europeans' ancestral oppressors because their longevity, survival, and ultimate prosperity demonstrate that they're the most fearsome force in human society -- a natural aristocracy. You can't repeal the ascendancy of the Jews, or mitigate it with socialist bureaucracies. Jews will always find a way to excel, and to produce real accomplishments, and make everybody else look bad in the process.

That's why the Arabs hate them, too. Israel from the moment of it birth has been surrounded by 300 million mortal enemies who have never demonstrated the ability, the industry, the courage, or the vision to drive them from their ancient homeland. The only weapons the Arabs possess are perseverance and hatred. Thus far, Israel has proven their equal at perseverance, which leaves only hatred and the low treacherous cunning of the inferior who knows himself to be inferior.

America just doesn't get how deep and dangerous this hatred is because, with the exception of the hard left, Americans are the exception to the rest of the world, unafraid of competition, even with a tiny, ancient desert tribe who called themselves Chosen and whose survival unto the present day with a distinct cultural identity proves it.

The rest of the world loves to indict America for bigotry because with the right kind of squinting the unique American experience can be the one sufficient excuse for their own eternal racial and ethnic hatreds. Except that the squinting misses everything important. Americans are different from everybody else. The spirit of competition on relatively equal terms is so ingrained in us that we have also assimilated the value of admiring those who excel on their playing field, whatever that field is. Thus, we are able to say to ourselves, yeah, I don't care much for Jews, but that Jew is a real smart feller, and he made me better by competing with me. That's why ordinary, average Americans embraced Sandy Koufax, and Hank Aaron (even when he broke the Bambino's record), and Miles Davis, and Jack Kennedy, and Fiorello La Guardia, and Joe Louis, and Juan Marichal, and Al Jolson, and Ella Fitzgerald, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the black muslim Muhammed Ali, and Philip Roth, and Michael Jordan, and...

The American experience has been so profound that the overwhelming majority of us now reject utterly the idea that a member of any ethnic group who truly wishes to belong to our country cannot become a vital and valuable part of it, and should not be prevented from doing so in any categorical way.

The ironic danger to that American experience is those who continue to identify with European sensibilities in the belief that Europeans are more civilized than Americans because they have been there longer than we have been here. Unfortunately, these oafs tend to be some of our most educated in formal terms, and as a group they tend to be the ones who have the most dexterity at constructing a rational excuse for the most depraved possible positions. A New York Times columnist -- or a Dartmouth political science major or a Hollywood leading lady or an ex-president from Georgia -- who tolerates the flat, ugly candor of muslims -- Palestinian or otherwise -- who chant "Death to Israel" without realizing that these angry Arabs mean it in the most literal possible sense is an accomplice in what will occur if decent people don't stop it.

So are the Sean Hannitys. And everyone else who has dreamt up that perfect personal excuse for not seeing that Holocaust II is being actively planned right now. The consequence will be exactly what it was for Holocaust I. If you didn't play an active role in preventing it, you helped bring it about.

To hell with Mel Gibson. To hell with Jimmy Carter. And, for that matter, to hell with Sean Hannity.

If you don't listen to this broadcast by the great liberal MSM saint Edward R. Murrow, to hell with you too.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nobody Move...!

No more clever repartee.

RULES. InstaPunk is old. And obsolete. Too polite by about a mile and a half. Did you hear him making nice with that D-Cup bimbo? She's a left-wing loon. There's no point in talking with loons. So we retired him. With prejudice. This is supposed to be scriver territory. It will be from now on.

We almost retired him back in April. But he was more resilient than we figured. Part of him being too f***ing clever for his own good. That's all done now. Youth will be served.

It's not that InstaPunk was wrong. He knew that this country was meandering through the valley of death checking out the store windows while the dragons were circling overhead. But he was too circumspect. He tried to exchange ideas with people who are actually part of the problem. Like that InstaPundit goof, who's as fascinated by digital cameras as he is by the campaign tactics of Harold Ford and Barak Obama as he is by the legal niceties of the GWOT. If you put that boob in the crosshairs of a sniper's rifle, he'd be asking questions about the optical precision of the scope while you were pulling the trigger. That's the American disease: smug obliviousness. He doesn't deserve a wife with a rack like that. So there won't be any more grovelling here for -- what do they call it? -- an "insta-lanche."

Reasonableness is a dangerous trap. There's absolutely no point in trying to persuade people to see the obvious. If they can't see their f***ing nose in front of their f***ing face, f***'em. Here's some of the obvious crap that InstaPunk was trying to be reasonable about:

1. The United States Congress is full of spineless, self-obsessed retards. When Republicans had the majority, Congress was a joke. Now that the treasonous Democrats have the majority, Congress is a loaded gun aimed at our heads. Everyone who voted in a way that helped Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House should be stood up against a wall and shot.

2. The President of the United States had -- for several years -- balls. Fine. He deserved praise and some loyalty for that. But he let them get clipped off by person or persons unknown. Rice and her State Department fags? Pelosi and her hormone-crazed castration fantasies? Who knows. All that matters now is that he's an inarticulate eunuch who listens to the advice of ancient zombies who should be locked up in Alzheimer's sanitariums. He's a menace. InstaPunk just never could overcome his irrational loyalty to an over-achieving fighter pilot. We can. Bush has become the enemy he once had the courage to confront. That's tragic. But it's also despicable.

3. The mainstream media is a colossus of traitors. Everyone who works for a major newspaper or network news organization should be hunted down, rounded up, and shot in the back of the head. They are actively working to enable our enemies to destroy America. It doesn't matter why. Self-hatred. Post-Modern ennui. Existential angst. Post-Soviet vindictiveness. Who gives a flying f***?  Kill them all. Now.

4. Political Correctness is the new Black Death. All the topics that can't be discussed are part of the pandemic that's killing America. Feminists so pin-headed they lend their political support to anti-semitic death merchants whose religion defines their sex in terms of slavery. Academics who abandon their subject matter expertise for political rants in support of forces that would exterminate them without a second thought. Minority rights activists who sup with traitors on a daily basis while they demand the extension of exceptional American privileges to those who would rape their wives, subjugate their children, clap them in chains, and entirely eliminate the gravy train on which they have feasted for a generation.

5. The death of Christianity is the end of human civilization. Period. Muslims are, at best, semi-conscious barbarians, a thousand million f***ing idiots who think their problems could be solved by murdering all of the twenty million Jews on earth. All the eastern religions so prized by New-Agers are in the business of killing individual consciousness so that the faceless group can rule the masses. Scientific atheism is the patricidal bastard spawn of the only faith willing to tolerate their arrogant fantasies of omniscience. Only Christianity encourages thought, freedom, creativity, exploration, and accomplishment while seeking to restrain the baser human instincts that lead to sadism, sexual violence, totalitarianism, genocide, and cultural death. The fight against Islamic jihad should be a religious crusade, but nobody anywhere has the guts to say it. If a billion muslims have to be killed to save human civilization, the benefit still outweighs the cost. And virtue is not obliterated by choosing to kill rather than be killed.

6. It's not true that the crusade, or any one of its battles, can't be won. It could be won in 90 minutes. Everyone keeps forgetting that. The only question is, how much do you believe in the value of the civilization that created you, all your experience and beliefs, and your children? Are you willing to commit suicide and end the lives of your own offspring in order to avoid hurting murderous morons who would cut your throats in an instant given a knife and a chance? The Romans knew the answer to that question for close to a thousand years. The Egyptians knew the answer for almost three thousand years. But since you're so much smarter than they were, it's taken you less than 250 years to come up with the dumbest possible answer.

TruePunk. We know that complications are generally evasions and delusions. That's why we may not be here for long. Too many morons have too much to lose when we speak the truth. But we're here for the moment. Listen while you can. If InstaPunk returns, you'll know we've been silenced.

Monday, December 11, 2006



Silvestre Reyes, chairman-designate of the House Intelligence Committee.

'O' IS FOR.... Here's a dictionary definition from Word Web Online:

Noun: oversight  'owvur`sIt
  1. An unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something
    - inadvertence
  2. Management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group
    - supervision, supervising, superintendence
  3. A mistake resulting from inattention
    - lapse
Technically, I suppose the definition that applies to Congress's view of its responsibility to monitor aand investigate the policies of the executive branch is the second one listed, but it's hard to resist the notion that all three definitions of 'oversight' are close synonyms when it comes to the legislative branch.

Yeah, I'm talking about the little "quiz" Reyes failed that most every right-wing blogger will be chortling about over the next day or two. Just an excerpt from an article by the National Security Editor of, Jeff Stein, for those of you who need a reminder:

Al Qaeda is what, I asked, Sunni or Shia?

“Al Qaeda, they have both,” Reyes said. “You’re talking about predominantly?”

“Sure,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Predominantly — probably Shiite,” he ventured.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Al Qaeda is profoundly Sunni. If a Shiite showed up at an al Qaeda club house, they’d slice off his head and use it for a soccer ball.

That’s because the extremist Sunnis who make up al Qaeda consider all Shiites to be heretics.

Al Qaeda’s Sunni roots account for its very existence.

I don't know where to start on this. There are so many implications. In fairness to Reyes, though, I'll cite another quote from the same article that some of us righties will probably omit (by inadvertence, I'm sure):
To his credit, Reyes, a kindly, thoughtful man who also sits on the Armed Service Committee, does see the undertows drawing the region into chaos.

For example, he knows that the 1,400- year-old split in Islam between Sunnis and Shiites not only fuels the militias and death squads in Iraq, it drives the competition for supremacy across the Middle East between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia.

That’s more than two key Republicans on the Intelligence Committee knew when I interviewed them last summer. Rep. Jo Ann Davis, R-Va., and Terry Everett, R-Ala., both back for another term, were flummoxed by such basic questions, as were several top counterterrorism officials at the FBI.

In fairness to myself, I'll note that I've conceded the stupidity of Republican politicians in the past, more than once, in fact. But we're entering a new phase in our national policy-making process, one in which the Congress is going to try to steer national foreign policy by committee. The Republican dunces, bad as they were, played a different role in the government. They used their political skills to try to give their party leader, the President, as much of what he wanted as was consistent with their overriding desire to get reelected. Under the new regime, the Democrats are planning to harass, undermine, and obstruct the President in the mistaken belief that their recent electoral victory represents an endorsement of their political positions rather than a repudiation of Republican corruption and sloth.

In this context, it's much more relevant to ask what they really want, what they anticipate as the results of their policies, and what base of knowledge drives the first two. Reyes's quiz performance tells us something important about these general questions and something specific about two individual politicians: himself and Nancy Pelosi.

As to Reyes, Jeff Stein's assertion that he is "a kindly, thoughtful man" is ridiculous. To aspire to a life-and-death responsibility one is totally unqualified for is the opposite of kindly; it is selfish and utterly uncaring of others. It is also the opposite of thoughtful, because it's far from considerate to perform surgery without medical training. To be a member of Congress voting at frequent intervals on matters that relate to the national security of your country without bothering to learn essential facts about the competing factions of the enemy who is sworn to annihilate the people you represent is criminally ignorant. Reyes may be "nice," but he doesn't know enough to be a back bench congressman, let alone chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence. He should be sent home forthwith.

Then there's Nancy Pelosi. Elected to her seat by a few hundred thousand voters, she is now the second most powerful figure in the United States government. How does she choose to use her new power? By plunging herself -- and, not so incidentally, the country she intends to "govern" -- into one vengeful bitch fight after another, consequences be damned. First, she nominates a demonstrably corrupt and addled old ward heeler to be her number two in order to score off an old male rival. Then, she nominates two completely laughable candidates -- Hastings the Crook and Reyes the Dolt -- for chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Why? Because she just can't stand to be in the same room with that c*** Jane Harman, a fellow female legislator from her own home state.

In case you're not getting it, we're talking All-Time Dumb here. Classic Democrat affirmative-action diversity. Hastings was black, so she figured San Francisco voters (the only ones she's accountable to, don't forget...) wouldn't mind that he's as ethical as Marion Berry and Al Sharpton combined. And Reyes is hispanic, so she never even thought to ask if he actually knew anything about the Islamic fascists who are killing Americans every day of the week. Government by face color as a substitute for competence. In fact, she doesn't give a rat's ass about corruption, competence, or even the lives of her dimwit constituents. She cares about destroying her political enemies and sucking up to the brain-dead hedonists of her decadent city.

Lest we forget, that's why the framers of the Constitution created an executive branch and gave it so much power to conduct foreign policy, despite their deep fear and long bad experience with kings. When it comes to life-and-death national issues, decision makers have to be accountable to more than 0.001 percent of the voters. And decisions made by committees of politicians are both accountable to no one and doomed to prefer showy rhetoric to rational rigor.

Is all this funny? Yes. In a way. As long as you're a fan of Desperate Housewives. It's also not funny, because U.S. security over the next two years, at least, is being driven by a compulsion to surrender to an implacable enemy simply because surrender is the opposite of the hated opposition's policy. Many Americans are going to die from sea to shining sea because Nancy Pelosi's stunted self-esteem requires inside-the-beltway victims aplenty. Pathetic.

The rest of us should be asking of the new Democrat leviathan, What do you really want? What do you think is going to happen if you get your way and drive GWB from office in disgrace? Does it matter that hundreds of thousands will die in Iraq? Since when did you really care about the lives of American troops? Did you ever take any responsibility for the million and a half dead in Cambodia after you had your tantrum in the Sixties? Have you ever really learned anything? Or is the whole agenda just a kind of Hollywood movie remake -- the evil Nixon (Bush) triumphantly replaced by the sublime Carter (? Where can we find anyone as bad as that ?) -- with no thought of any kind given to the real-life events that follow the closing credits? When you're from California, the future -- that is, the real-world future -- is frequently an oversight.

Reyes, if you really are a kindly man, resign. Pelosi... well, forget it. We'll skip to the next step, which is identifying the new Carter. God. Help. Us. All.

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