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June 19, 2013 - June 12, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Occupy Golf

. Yeah, it's just another placeholder. This week, the U.S. Open will be played in the Philadelphia area. Predictably, the Philly arm of ESPN, led by Mike Missanelli, has been bashing Tiger and all his supporters, Big whoop. Nobody but fat dilettante plutocrats is interested in Tiger Woods. Why?

Yadda yadda yadda. So tiresome I could barely stir myself to document it. The only reason I do is the bright fandom of my one-winged wife. There's a lesson here that goes far beyond golf.

You see. ESPN should love Tiger. He's not just ratings. He's ratings squared. Fat plutocrats who make more than $250K a year can't make a blip in the ratings. Not enough of them, and face it, they're mostly in the gallery. But ESPN hates Tiger anyway. I won't play the race card they always use. I'll play the greatness card instead. 

Sportscasters are overwhelmingly lefties. Which leads to the notion that certain sports are the exclusive province of the privileged rather than the talented. Philly's WIP SportsTalk moron Rob Charry is an excellent case in point. (Go ahead. Read the whole post. Well worth it in laughs and bile.)

Charry, who is exactly my age, is, perhaps needless to say, an obnoxious halfwit I've grown to loathe for his canned diatribes -- whenever call traffic is slow -- about how neither golfers nor racecar drivers are athletes, as well as his not very well disguised bias against any athletes who admit to being conservatives. He can't quite explain, for example, why he dislikes ex-Phillie Curt Schilling, who never dissed Philly even after moving to Boston. He just doesn't like him. You know.

No, golfers are not athletes. Exhibit A. Nor are racecar drivers, even though anyone who has ever driven a racecar for more than a few minutes is exhausted by the experience and more racecar drivers have been killed in their sport than any other. These are indicators of the real prejudice. Which is against greatness. ESPN has no brief against Tiger for his personal life. They excuse violence, rape, murder, and everything but religiosity in other sports stars. What they can't stand is the few who don't need them to craft the public narrative of their careers. There are a very very few who are above the opinion, spin, and obsessions of the media. That's Tiger's real sin. He doesn't care what any ESPN glunk thinks of him. Why they feel the compulsion to Occupy Tiger. Gotta get that one one-hundredth of one percent that makes us all smaller beyond compare. What the mediocre are endlessly trying to do to the rest of us.

Same with the truly great racecar drivers. Yeah, the interchangeable stars of NASCAR may need the differentiations offered up by SportsCenter. But the truly great ones of the Grand Prix circuit, the Mille Miglia, Le Mans, and old-time Indy never did. Everything about them was bigger -- from Juan Fangio to Wolfgang von Trips to Stirling Moss to Nikki Lauda to Danny Ongais to Shirley Muldowney -- to the extent that their death defying achievements in machinery no common man could ever afford actually offends the egalitarian mentality that enables sportscasters to condescend to LeBron James and A-Rod.

Tiger refuses to be accountable to them, to apologize, to plead for their approval. Bear this in mind. Why the missus is Tiger's foremost defender and fan. When he's on, he just gleams. She knows that's the rarest thing there is. If you can't see it, or wait for it hoping to see it, your soul is just a little bit dead.

I'll close with two stellar tips. Watch this movie.

And check the other site for my next post on the stuff that really matters.

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