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April 8, 2013 - April 1, 2013

Monday, April 08, 2013


Not the first Iron Lady of Britain. But a worthy successor.

THE SOUND OF ANOTHER SHOE DROPPING. There are milestones of loss. Like our own presidency, the prime ministership of Britain has become a joke of vainglorious posturing, empty platitudes, and politically correct policy disasters. I'm sure kind words will be said of Margaret Thatcher in days to come, but I have been listening to the drumbeat in recent Brit entertainments of overwhelming scorn for the era in which the only female prime minister in the kingdom's history pulled her nation's economy out of ruin and stood with Reagan and the Pope to bring down the Soviet Empire. For these extraordinary achievements she is regarded with derision and contempt by the intellectual elites, regardless of what you hear in the next week.

Now she is truly gone.

But please go here for a scene that can't be embedded. "We'll meet again in heaven. Or on the field of victory."

Just my eccentric notion, but I think they should bury her in a full suit of armor as the last worthy knight of the realm.

Farewell and Godspeed, Sir Margaret.

P.S. As I said, milestones. An appropriate time to tell you that a transition is beginning. A new blog is in place, which you can find here. Still struggling with clunky formatting limitations which never had to be dealt with here, but time wounds all heels -- er, heals all wounds. Coping is the new normal in all things. Instapunk will continue as before, at least for a while, but I'll be soliciting more participants and granting more independent posting rights to those who have something to say. I'm thinking it's time for the more vocal, persistent, and thoughtful commenters to step up and be headliners rather than backbenchers. Absent that, Brizoni will inherit. He has posting rights I couldn't take from him if I wanted to. And I don't. Instapunk was conceived in combat and in combat it should remain. I believe the new watchword here should be "hammer and tongs." It was the old watchword at any rate, before everyone left their manhood in the glovebox before entering the theater.

No, I won't be leaving for a good long time to come. I'll just be gradually less a presence. I am happy to be a resource for those who wish to post. But my focus is shifting. I'm weary of this persona the site has locked me into. I'm not as much of an SOB as you probably mostly think I am. I created a monster I no longer wish to be. I'm far more Shane than the Man with No Name.

More importantly, I think we are now going down into darkness and that is the eventuality which we must learn how to survive. Why I got so irate about Brizoni's protestations of 'moral progress.' So absurd that I couldn't even read whole posts. But his persistence, his absolute fucking certainty, and his utter contempt for a world of history and learning he hasn't made the slightest attempt to acquire for himself finally alerted me to a crisis more serious than Obama. Something about somebody who moves in mysterious ways. His wonders to perform.

Lake, Helk, Guy, Joe, Tim, and anyone else. It's your time to take a turn in The Blade.


Looks like Bluehost has entirely shut down the Comments here. Why it's time to make clear that there is a brand new site, called "A Deerhound Diary," accessible via There are two points of entry (I'm still figuring out how the frigging Wordpress software works so don't get me started...) There's, which presents you with what is called a 'static page'. Then there are the Recent Posts, which include all the posts written so far. (Yeah. Go there.) Where I'll be. You can comment to your heart's content. I get to approve each comment, which I'll do by hitting the 'Approve' button. Unlike what has happened here.

Anyone who doesn't want to follow us over there can stay here and read mutely the latest argument for believing that thirty-somethings know everything about human morality by osmosis. Or something.

The rest of you can still earn posting privileges at the new site. Your choice.

btw. I sent the B-Man two videos from the hundred plus at William Lane Craig's site. First one:

No response at all. As I anticipated.

Second one.

Ah, the one that hurt. He pronounced it vapid and shallow. No doubt because WLC didn't even regard Ayn Rand as worth much more than a few remarks. Because she was vapid and shallow. He wrote me a 700 word email about how vapid and shallow I was for tweaking him in this fashion. Because he was right and I was wrong. One more reason why I'm starting a new site. Because boring is, uh, boring.

As an introduction to the new site, I offer a video record of William Lane Craig. It's huge. His and my sense of scale are similar. He talks about the same range of disciplines I do, everything from math to quantum mechanics to scripture to evolution. We don't agree about everything. But we fret about the same things. Of course he has five degrees, including doctorates from Britain and Germany, and has smashed every prominent atheist -- including Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Peter Atkins -- in formal debate, except Richard Dawkins. Who flat ran away. The millennials don't fret, though, do they? They just know. Because they're so goddamned smart.

God help them. Nobody else can.

btw. I did a post called Something Happened. A hint about what happened.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

We're Baaaack.

Sorry about that. Apparently, some spammer threw a chunk of kryptonite into the Comments section and caused general havoc. Fixed now, thanks to heroic efforts by our webmaster and his hardworking staff. A week in the Fortress of Solitude hasn't been without some good effects, however, which I'll share by and by.

Enjoy your weekend.

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