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January 17, 2013 - January 10, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Insistence is Golden

I know I've said bad things about Phillip Glass. I take them back.
The man is a great composer. I was wrong. We can all change.

In one of my fainting flu moments, I was going to say that silence is golden. Then I found this. I could listen to it a hundred times in a row. How about you?

I feel reenergized.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disconnections 2

Relevant but way over your heads. What do you righties know about
real liturgical music, architecture, or black & white cinematography?

. I understand what Helk means when he says this:

Yes. The disconnections are far more important right now than the connections. Because what is disconnected is logic; what is connected after you disconnect logic is only accidentally logical.

So we are trying to influence people who refuse to connect issues logically. They will see that guns link to death, and then they will link death to a state of badness, and they will say that guns are bad. They will not critically analyze the relationship between death and other things (say, for instance, infections in hospitals) and so therefore will never see that gun deaths are *insanely low* relative to almost all other ways in which death is inflicted in our society.

"You want to stop gun deaths? Increase access to abortions. Because no gun has ever been used by an aborted fetus to murder people." Logical, yes. In that disconnected sort of way.

Now the key to success (as I see it) is to sugar coat the subliminal message (if you will) in such a way that those who are ordinarily opposed to what we say *adopt our message.* How do we do that? Well, you are well on your way. But asking you to do this is a bit like asking a Kung Fu master to pick up a machine gun - it seems morally dubious and is diametrically opposed to the teachings of nobility and honor. Therein lies the situational ethics component. You have to do what you have been taught not to do in order to accomplish what cannot otherwise be accomplished.

So, the most important part of sustaining an offensive of this type is to never, not once, allow your true motives to be visible. If you are going to embrace that gun control is good, you need to walk these morons to the place where they can finally see why it isn't good. You have to allow them to come back with an argument.

You will lead them to reject their own beliefs because in reality those beliefs are not their own; they are merely responding as they have been programmed to respond. You have to undo that programming by gaining access to them (via agreeing with what they say) and then leading them to a place where they can no longer agree. Then they will fight you and you will lose (because you are a ringer). The end result is that they adopt the correct position.

This is the liberal strategy and it is killing us. Also why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are so successful.

But I can't tell if he is saying that the dirty work has to be done by me. What I know so far is that the one person I trust the most, my wife, hated my last post. She didn't care that I was changing voices to reflect an incoherent public debate. She was offended by my juvenile tone. She expects me to be continuously logical and literate. I don't have to agree with that expectation, but it does cause me to ask me what role everyone else is supposed to play in Helk's Grand Dissimulation. Lake? Joseph? You've both proposed outstanding instances of disconnection I didn't nominate. Want to to help show the rest of us how ro play by Helk rukes?

And here's the Baker's Dozen of other Disconnects I put on ice yesterday. Maybe Helk himself can show how at least one of them might be turned to the kind of numbskull advantage he's advocating...

Allowances  <=> absolutes (history)

History  <=> sociological fads

Commercials  <=> PSA's

Hollywood violence  <=> celebrity appeasement/pacifism

Progressive optimism  <=> liberal dystopia

Pessimism  <=> conservatives

Freedom  <=> libertarians

Mother love  <=> abortions

Progress  <=> ancestral cultures

Love  <=> sex

Children  <=> parents

Hope  <=> tyranny

Earth  <=> humanity

On the other hand, if you can't figure out what disconnections I had in mind with these cryptic labels, maybe it's time to ask the old warhorse to explain, once again, what the hell he was thinking about.

Everybody feel free to join in.

Monday, January 14, 2013


CLASSIC SHOW: Bad comes from good and vice versa.
Why NOT making connections is so much easier. Got it?

YOU WOULDN'T WANT A GUN? You may have noticed that I don't link as much as I used to. It's not because I don't see the links. It's because the links are so numerous and interrelated that, properly documented, they would make writing itself irrelevant if your minds were capable of visualizing the hierarchy and collateral branches of what connects to what. They're as infinite as the leaves of trees and as various, some sturdy, some frail and vulnerable, some lush and green, some clouded in moth blight, some petrified as stubborn oak leaves that hang on dead through much of the winter. Sadly, a horizontal chain of argument is not verified by quantity or sustained by its multifarious context; it is invariably scotched by its weakest link. Hannity said something similar? Fuck that. What the proliferation of lawyers has done to thought and normal human conversation in America.

Besides, linkages -- that is, connections -- are beside the point right now. What matters more are the disconnections, the utterly contradictory and discrepant beliefs we have been persuaded to hold because most of us think we're better at understanding all the tools of linkage than we are. Don't be alarmed. This isn't an intelligence test. At least not a straight up, old-fashioned one. For example, Piers Morgan is a conventionally intelligent man. He has strong views about gun control. He believes devoutly that the country he fled to seek more prosperity in the ignorant colonies is far behind the U.K. in the laws that most directly affect civilized behavior. We kill more than 8000 a year with guns; the U.K. less than a hundred. Open and shut logic. Except that when it comes to violent crime, the U.K. is five times more victimized than the U.S. When all you count is guns, the only crimes you count are committed with guns. Of every hundred thousand Brits, 2,200 are the victims of violent crime each year. Of every hundred K Americans, 440 are.

Connections have to do with where and how you draw the lines. Disconnections are the lines you don't, even refuse, to draw. Those are the lines I'm mentioning today. And there ARE a bunch of them. Here are just a few.

Multi-tasking <--> ADDS

Aren't our kids just wonderful? The things they can do that we couldn't. They can listen to music, text their friends, play video games, and do their homework all at the same time. Incredible. On just three hours of sleep a night and eight more of dozing on the couch. When they're awake, they can find any fact in the world you want on Google in just .003 seconds. There's a brand new kind of intelligence being born in the 21st century, and we are the uncomprehending witnesses of what may even be a sudden leap forward in human evolution. Takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Why it's a shame that this brilliant generation is the victim of an epidemic disease we never even knew about before, called Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome. Believe us, we're worried to death about the skyrocketing rate of dulling drug prescriptions being written for our kids, and if there were anything -- ANYTHING -- we could do to head off this mysterious blight of our youth we would do it! Until we know what that is, though, the least we could do is adequately fund their education. Are you aware that the U.S. has fallen out of the top 25 developed nations in terms of basic math and science education for our kids? Anybody who didn't know them personally would think they don't know anything. Travesty.

Feminism <--> equal protection

People give the feminist establishment -- that is, the longest lived and most politically successful feminist organizations -- a hard time for what they see as villainizing men, rewriting all of human history as a conspiracy by men to keep women weak and helpless, and using supposedly benign institutions of government to conceal and justify male acts of violence against women. They accuse us of aggravating hostility between the sexes when it is they who wage a continual war against women by opposing abortion on demand, free birth control, and parent-free sexual and reproductive choices by women in the 12+ age range. If there's one vice the male of the species has excelled at besides rape, it's hypocrisy. Men are still free to screw whoever they want. When women do the same, they're sluts. And they're already blaming us for the fact that Americans have the highest rate of STDs in the world. Disgusting.

We really really really really hate rape, but if there's one term we hate more than "pro-life," it's "the great equalizer." What men call guns. We believe in the absolute abolition of all guns. Such instruments of death are unnatural. The idea that a weak-minded, vengeful hysteric could strike out against fancied enemies with a pistol that erases all differences of size and strength is detestable. The only great equalizer we recognize is official government action: in the case of women, for example, restraining orders. Which make it ever so more likely that the prosecution will be able to secure a conviction in the event of a fatal beating, stabbing, or, of course, shooting. Although if there were no guns, women would be sa--, well, hey, look over there!!

Don't give us any crap about this. Talk to the hand. Which, as always, has its middle finger extended.

Religion <--> nuance

Thank God, er, scratch that unfortunate usage, for the fact that Richard Dawkins and company have finally gone on record decrying religion as the civilization destroying disease it has always been. Just got to throw off these shackles of earlier ages when people didn't know shit about anything and get with the new program. Science is the name of the game now, and anybody who doesn't know that is probably from Nebraska or from Louisiana, where they play with snakes in church and hopefully get bitten. Hard to imagine how many centuries we've been buffaloed by all those Christians and Jews with their idiotic commandments and other engraved in stone prejudices which offend all right thinking people. There IS no God. Stop it! We're past our adolescent stage as a species now. Unless you're from Ohio or Wyoming. In either case, tell your gun club Darwin was right. We''re monkeys with the condom edge. We can get past this. We really can. And hopefully we'll leave you behind when we do.

Although. We can't help but wonder if Christians and Jews can ever get past their hatred of muslims without being violently put down. They're threatening the whole world with genocide, they really are. Muslims never hurt anyone, except when they were provoked during the crusades of two different millennia, and crusades are things best put behind you.  If said Christians and Jews understood the first principle of even their own religions, they would know that the highest virtue is tolerance. Yes, muslims have a slight tendency to rape their women to death, and to kill the survivors for getting raped in the first place, but when you quit believing in a made-up God you realize that morality is a relative thing. Their culture is simply different from ours. Who are we to judge? All we can say for sure is that we're more qualified to judge than people who believe in a "Bible" that hates everyone but Jews and pseudo-chaste gays-in-denial "apostles" of a savior whose naked male body is worshiped in homophobic designer enclaves the world over. Yeecch.

Okay. I've got a whole bunch more (a baker's dozen at least). But that's all I have the stamina, and stomach, for today. Feel free to add topics and/or your own arguments.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The NHL Comedy,
er, dumb metaphor

EH?. Puck Punk will be miffed. You know. The Hockey. And the Lockout has been resolved. What's to worry about?

Merely this. hockey fans have been played for fools. By a sports press that's as lefty as the mainstream press. Sinister? Yeah, I think so. A sign that there's simply no arena where propaganda is not the full time business of the people who are supposed to tell us the truth.

Who are hockey fans, after all? Blue collar folks for the most part. Or, in other more contemporary words, gun-toting clowns who cling to violence as a way of life.

Thing is, even SportsTalk stations diss hockey fans. Even in Philly, home of the Flyers. Who could believe that? Well, maybe the WIP listeners who are familiar with the pomposities of one Glen MacNow. And one Rob Chary. They profess to be Flyer fans, but their affinity is always tinged with condescension.

And yet. And YET. Obviously, we've had months of radio coverage of the Lockout. So what I'm saying now is not off the top of my head for a narrow political point. It's consensus reporting.

The talkers on the radio have all, always, been vocal in their support of the players. They characterize the commissioner and the owners as arrogant, egomaniacal, self-destructive, and stupid. They are eloquent on the subject.

One problem. When callers ask, how can this lockout continue, they respond with the one fact they allow into the discussion: the owners lose less money by having NO season than another at the current cost structure.

Huh? Really? Let's see. I lose less money by having no NHL hockey season than by having one. What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong is our whole conception of the value and purpose of unions. When coal companies were killing coal miners, there was a value and a purpose to unions. Today, not so much.

Unions that cross companies have become killers of whole industries. The Detroit auto industry was killed by the UAW. Government positions that used to offer job security in return for modest pay and benefits have become slayers of solvency in the nation and states thanks to fat retirement contracts negotiated by AFSCME and The SEIU. The truly extreme, ridiculous version is being perpetrated by the NFL and NHL. But we've been taught to side with multi-millionaires over entrepreneurs. And how many of us accept it without a moment's doubt?

A promising but ultimately rotten goalie gets a $50 million contract. Owners want to win for their fans. But they can't afford a $50 million contract for a bad player. They lose money every time a paying customer comes into the arena. Even though they're already scalping the faithful for ticket prices, food, beer, merchandise, and parking.

The talkers talk us into believing that this is the owners' fault. It's a labor action when the millionaires revolt. No, it isn't.

It's not the owners who are pricing average loyal fans out of the game they love. It's the players. The assignment of responsibility is a total reversal. The owners are trying to preserve the market.

Remember the concept of market? People pay what they are willing to pay for services rendered. No more. There is no "entitlement" to compensation based on anything other than what the market will bear. If NHL hockey teams lose money, they are paying too much for players and they are the losers in the transaction. Too simple to explain. Unless you're a lefty journalist.

Their job is not to make jobs for arena employees, extortionate restaurant franchises, and Zamboni drivers. Their job is to make a profit on subsidizing a successful team.

WE think, and we're told, that their job is to entertain us because we desire to be entertained.

Bread and circuses.

Now tell me you haven't been induced to believe that it was always the NHL owners who were in the wrong. And I'll tell you just what liars you are.

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