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January 1, 2013 - December 25, 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year.

Should Ould Acquaintance Be Forgot? uh, speaking of "forgot"....

THE PULSE MAY BE FAINT BUT IT BEATS ON. As I suspected, New Year's Eve is promising tributes to Dick Clark, as if he invented this night. The video above is not my attempt at nostalgicating. Just a reminder that life consists of eras, which can be long, formative, and seemingly permanent. But nothing is permanent. The tides roll, the moon rises and sets, changing shape all the while, and in the end our defense and our chance at both poetry and wisdom is memory -- and if I may be so bold -- history.

Happy New Year, Helk. And Lake. And Joseph. And all the friends and foes of InstaPunk and me personally. I exhibit the rasp of a rough file. What am I doing? I don't know. In a deadening age maybe drawing blood, including my own, is the last sign of life.

For Christmas, my wife gave me (among other things, to be sure) a black sweatshirt featuring the Lion Rampant of a certain celtic country. (Hers is Ireland.) The legend was: Scotland. Land of Barbarians.

As the new year impends, I apologize to everyone I have offended by thought, word, and deed in 2012. And especially by writing. I have no friend, correspondent, or family member I do not still treasure and wish well. But I'm damned if you'll ever get me to admit it.

Do me a favor. Listen to the whole Guy Lombardo shtick. When Helk addresses me as "Old Man," he's got me dead to rights. When the world that made you is lost, it's easy to lose your temper too.

Sincerely now. I hope you all have a magnificent 2013.

And, not to stray too far out of character, good luck with that.

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