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June 7, 2012 - May 31, 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Election Already Over.

CHANGED UP MY MIND. I've been thinking. A bad habit of mine which tends to make me skate past the 24/7 news cycle, polls, punditry, and the like. What is the real narrative of this campaign? It is surely this: The Democrat Party cannot afford a second Obama term and therefore doesn't want it. Romney will win, probably big, because of this simple fact. I can explain.

The Democrat Party and the hard left are not the same thing. Just as conservatives and the Republican Party are not the same thing. Conservatives have occasionally taken over the Republican Party, with mixed results. Goldwater was a disaster, Reagan a triumph. The difference was not the ideology. It was the political competence. Reagan, perhaps more than any other in our history, was a natural at being president. Unfortunately, not even getting elected to the office is proof of such talent. Ideologues everywhere hope that their candidates have it, whatever it is, but it's impossible to know until the candidate becomes the president. At the party level, the power level, the level of careers for all the professional politicians who are the party's point of the spear, ideology is a distant second to successful results. By this measure Obama has been an utter, total, compleat disaster for the Democrat Party. The powers that be don't necessarily disagree with Obama's ideology. But they're terrified of his incompetence, which is incredibly real to professional politicians. More about this later.

Don't be fooled by the MSM. They ARE ideologues first and foremost. They have not only compromised but thrown away their professional principles in order to sustain a failed president and connive at his reelection. Why the real narrative is still a dirty secret to most. The MSM doesn't care about the long-term consequences of a second Obama term. Why the horse race aspect of the election still seems closer than it should. The difference between Obama and Carter is that the press turned on Carter, whom they despised for his mushy southern accent, his born-again Christian self-righteousness, his obsessive myopia, and his incredibly dull and offputting personality. This press will not turn on Obama, but they no longer have the power they once did. People are onto them. The NYT and WAPO are plunging toward financial ruin, the alphabet network TV news organizations are reaching mostly old folks who don't know how to cruise for other fare on cable or the internet, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE KNOWS they're in the tank for Obama.

If you're a Democrat in Congress, Romney is a better career bet than Obama. Think about it. Obama took office with a commanding majority in the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. What would Reagan or Clinton have done with such a stacked deck? Pause. Yeah. The mind boggles. What did Obama do with it? Nothing. Yes, he got legislation passed, including a health care bill that finally had to be rammed through to passage with dirty parliamentary tricks that left the Speaker of the House so far out on a limb that she finally immortalized her own humiliation by saying, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." Really? Then came the slaughter of the 2010 congressional elections. Democrat careers ended by the dozens. Quick quiz! How many photos can you remember offhand of Pelosi or Reid or Schumer, etc, chatting in the Oval Office with President Obama? Any? None? The president does not engage in the legislative process. They're just his bitch, even the leaders of his own Democratic caucus. When it's convenient, they're as much a scapegoat as the Republicans. Don't think Dem congressional leadership hasn't noticed. You think they don't know it takes presidential leadership to keep Congress from blowing its own brains out with pork-laden spending bills that don't actually help the country but only parochial constituencies consisting of congressional campaign contributors? Unruly kids do expect Daddy to lower the boom from time to time. They know they need the president to help them look good. At the least, they expect guidance and discipline, if not the occasional necessary spanking. You know. Politics. With their own approval ratings hovering somewhere between Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer even though they've dutifully done what was asked, they recognize better than you and I do that Obama has (inevitably?) become the opaque absentee father he idolized for no particular reason in his first autobiography. Second-generation politician Romney, on the other hand, has a reputation as a "flip-flopper." Which they understand in different terms than you or I do. To a politician it means he's a man you can negotiate with, make a deal with. And he's affable, approachable. Hell, he was a Republican governor of Massachusetts. His whole political career is about working with an entrenched liberal opposition. Cool. COOL! He is not a man who is going to make you his bitch. In the right signing ceremony, a house rep could become a senate candidate, a senator could become a presidential candidate, and (ironically) Romney's success could become a Dem politician's ticket to career success. Which ain't ever gonna happen with the Obamessiah.

On the other other hand, a second Obama term could be the end of the Democrat Party for a generation. Look at it as a Democrat who actually believes in (most of) Obama's policies. The economic mess is not his fault. Europe is imploding, China and India are rising. Which means the U.S. economy is screwed for the foreseeable future. But a better president would have attacked the economy first and relentlessly and he'd have known the difference between "shovel ready" and shovelful of bullshit. How FDR got away with it for so long. Not by blaming, but by generating incredibly optimistic new initiatives one after another. He wouldn't have progressively retreated from press conferences to golf courses, and his wife wouldn't have been parading around the world on opulent vacations while formerly middle class Americans were subsiding into the 21st century equivalent of Hooverville. There's no reason to think that a second term would bring Obama off the Mt. Olympus of his frightened ego and get his hands dirty with anything that could help, even cosmetically. Four more years of an imperial, isolated, messianic incompetent will make everything worse and no one will ever vote for a Democratic presidential candidate again. How much better -- if the economy is so doomed that even Keynesian solutions don't work -- to let a Republican preside over the next four years. Let him suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, while the loyal opposition does everything it can to help alleviate the plight of the suffering. Then Hillary can be summoned to the rescue. TA DA! Yes, there's some risk if Romney should prove, accidentally, to have it and succeed, but let's face it, most presidents don't have it. Even if he does, a single Obama term can be survived the way a single Carter term was. It's only a three-term hit: two Romney and one successor term. As opposed to a Lost Decade of Democrat Disaster that will keep Republicans in the Oval Office for four, five, or even six terms.

How might you tell if I'm right? You'd see what you're seeing now. The historically tight Democrat discipline on campaign talking points seems suddenly undisciplined. Clinton. Booker. Patrick. Rendell. Manchin. Shrum. Etc. Etc.

Funny, but the last ones to know what's going on will be the MSM. Something I can share with you from my advanced age that you can look deliciously forward to. Election Night 1980. Gallup still had Carter ahead. But when the polls closed it was already over. Reagan in a landslide. And the shocked, doleful, disbelieving agony of the MSM anchors was the single funniest thing I have ever seen on this earth.

This one's already over, too. Don't tell anyone. It will be our secret. That's how the Election Night Funny gets so hilarious. All those crestfallen A'holes...

How to Stomach Your
Vote for Mitt Romney

And change. Really this time. Maybe.

LOOKING UP. You're a grown man or woman. You're enough of a responsible adult to vote-- at least when it matters, and even when it doesn't sometimes. You're more conservative than not, but you carry no water for the Republican party, who never seem to do much more than screw up and bitch out. And, you've noticed how they have to be dragged kicking and screaming to defend the principles of reasonable governance. You pay enough attention to the state of the nation to be disgusted by the jerky, but definite, leftward lurch in public policy engineered by the Obama administration. You've either only attended one Tea Party rally (as a spectator), or none, and you're not interested in dangling bags of Lipton from your tri-corner hat (you wouldn't even know where to buy a tri-corner hat. Amazon, maybe? A costume shop? Are those still around?), but you're sympathetic to them. You recognize that they've got the right idea: Obama is not just another garden-variety bad president. He is both a disaster for the American people and a disgrace to the American electorate, and he has to go. Period. Unless by some extreme unlikelihood his opposition is some nakedly power-hungry wannabe dictator (as cautioned by The Road to Serfdom, a book you haven't read but initiatively understand the gist of), whoever's running against Obama must take office.

But, you can't help but wonder, did it have to be Romney? Does no one in the Party understand the gravity of the situation? Why, why, WHY are they running yet another central-casting generic idiot with less backbone in his record than a spina bifida baby? There's no better Republican ANYWHERE¬? THIS is the guy? And what about ROMNEYCARE, huh?! The model for Obamacare, which is theee thing that's going to bankrupt this country ARRRRGH SMASH!

I'm right there with you. Who can argue now that the Republican Party isn't fundamentally unserious? What's it called when a company fires every single employee and hires all new ones? Is that a thing? That's what the GOP needs. Not likely to happen in a timely fashion, but something to work for down the road.

That fantastic utopian vision aside: Both your conflicting reactions are correct. The GOP is a farce. But Obama is a tragedy. And on balance, better a joker in office than a thief.

The smart course is clear: Hold your stomach and vote for Romney. I'm here with a thought that might make that stomach a lot less nauseous come November.

To start us off, we can show that Romney is a man of (some) deep conservative conviction. From his Wikipedia page:

Romney says that his views on abortion were drastically altered on November 9, 2004, after discussing stem cell research with Douglas Melton, a stem cell researcher at Harvard University. The Harvard Stem Cell Institute was planning research that would have involved therapeutic cloning. The Governor says that Melton declared that the research "is not a moral issue because we kill the embryos at 14 days." "I looked over at Beth Myers, my chief of staff, and we both had exactly the same reaction, which is it just hit us hard," recalled Romney. "And as they walked out, I said, 'Beth, we have cheapened the sanctity of life by virtue of the Roe v. Wade mentality.' And from that point forward, I said to the people of Massachusetts, 'I will continue to honor what I pledged to you, but I prefer to call myself pro-life.'"

That doesn't sound like the rhetoric of a numbskull official duped into "moderation" by leftist sophistry. And yet he presided over the biggest government takeover of the private sector since the New Deal. Why? Was it temporary insanity? Was it more proof that modern Mormons have shamefully forgotten its own doctrine of civil liberty and its history of persecution that gave rise to that doctrine? Was it yet another indictment of Massachusetts "Republicans"?

All of these are true, to degrees. I think dismissing this as garden variety flip-floppery overlooks that glimmer of hope I promised you earlier.

Massachusetts is a cesspool of liberalism. A festering wound. A Honey Bucket on a hot day, of liberalism. Those idiots bad Americans They're so liberal, Ted Kennedy could have pulled a Charles Whitman annually and they still would have never failed to elect him Senator-For-Life. The American Left has been steadily beating the drum of universal health care since the early 90s. No surprise it reached a crescendo in MA first. No surprise that idiot liberal idiot constituency demanded that "the state"-- a mind-foggingly comfortable euphemism for "my neighbors"-- pay their medical bills, for no real reason other than medical bills are hard to pay and they simply didn't feel like doing the work.

And, thanks to liberalism's ill-challenged propaganda effort, the good bad genuinely bad people of the 6th state were convinced they shouldn't have to pay their own bills.

Yes, it's a disgrace that a so-called conservative has his name attached to this monstrosity. But look at the flipside.

For the last four years, we've endured a President who's held his ideological agenda over and above the will of the people. Barack Obama is a man profoundly ignorant of many things, but even he knew the solid majority of the American public did not want Obamacare. He didn't care. In his mind, the math was simple: The people didn't know what was good for them, he did know, so he and his party crammed their superior wisdom down the country's throat. A man like that would never consider that the duty of his office to the will of the people takes priority over whatever he might imagine their welfare to be. He'll never, ever think for a moment that the people might know their own welfare better than he knows it.

Contrast that to Romney.

When MA spoke, Mitt Romney obeyed. Period. This is the criterion for a good elected representative. It is the point of having elected representatives.

I know what you're thinking (as always): "Principled public servant? In a pig's eye! All he was really doing was pandering to the only voter base available in Taxachusetts!"

I don't disagree with that. But, respectfully, you're missing the bigger picture. It doesn't matter how pure the man's motives were. In his case, pandering and principled public service had the same difference: He did what his voters wanted. I bet the gay lobby and the anti-war moonbats wish Obama would "pander" to them a little more. We should all be so lucky to have an elected official who panders to us like this. That's the point.

What if Romneycare isn't the indelible black mark on his record we've assumed it is? What if it's actually proof that Mitt Romney is, either on purpose or de facto, the dedicated civil servant we need?

I admit, this gruel is a bit thin to satisfy a hunger for limited government. But what if.

What if.

Monday, June 04, 2012


Honest-to-God punditry. Instead of the usual hackery.

PROUD UPDATE. Back in March, I told Maureen Dowd to stop acting like a stupid bitch. I even used those exact words: "stop acting like a stupid bitch". Three months later, she writes one of the most cogent analyses I've read all year on the weaknesses of both Obama's re-election prospects and his character.

Coincidence? Fuck no.

As impressed as we are with ourselves for engineering this turnaround, we must doff our caps to the woman herself. Well done, Ms. Dowd. I've always wondered how the hell you got that gig in the first place. With this column, you've given me an idea. Keep it up.

A quick taste, to show that-- between the Old Man and me-- InstaPunk is always right:

Maraniss’s book depicts Obama on an intense odyssey of self-discovery, moving toward defining himself less as a half-white man with white girlfriends than as a black man who wanted to be part of a black community....

In some ways, he’s still finding himself, too absorbed to see what’s not working. But the White House is a very hard place to go on a vision quest, especially with a storm brewing.

Remember when InstaPunk said all that? I bet she does.

All Eyes on

. Most of what we're going through in the news cycle at the moment is a slow motion explosion (unless it's a slow motion implosion) whose real impact won't be known for a couple weeks at least. The Obama campaign fumbling away the ball on its last three or four possessions in a row. The administration burstingly pregnant with an intelligence leak scandal so indicative of treason that in a non-election year it would already be raising calls for impeachment. A president who is chest-thumpingly on display doing no work whatsoever other than begging for money from the filthy rich he spends every other waking moment trashing while the economy tails into a double-dip recession.

I have nothing to say about those things. No other commentator should either. This is a time when the bigmouths should (gasp) shut up and let events sink in on their own. Let reporters on both sides of the great partisan divide simply report for a while. There will be plenty of time to comment when the debris has established a definitive footprint on the ground of the electorate.

Why the only thing I have for you today is a modest bulletin. (No Urthshu, I'm not persisting because "I haven't found a Keith to my Mick." I am my own Keith to my Mick. Always have been. I persist because, like the scorpion of folklore, it's my nature.) The next 24 to 36 hours are going to be all Wisconsin all the time. I think it's worthwhile to remind you that the state of Wisconsin does NOT, contrary to what the coverage will imply, consist entirely of government employees and public service unions. 

In fact, depending on your interests and how all-American they are, you encounter private sector Wisconsin on a regular basis.

Beer, motorcycles, football, and cheese. Will we get more and better or less and worse of these American staples if Wisconsinites have to pay an ever-increasing percentage of their incomes into the union pension funds of government employees and bureaucrats? Note that three of the four are also heavily unionized enterprises. But their unions aren't benefited by overpaid public school teachers who retire to Florida at the age of 50.

Is it time to start rethinking what "fair" means and who gets to tell the rest of us what that definition has to be?

Something to bear in mind during all the "fair and balanced" debates you'll see if you dare watch the news over the next day or so. On any channel.

My two cents. All the spare change I have right now. The multiplier is in your hands, though. Give my two cents to the nearest liberal handout-champion you know.

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