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May 6, 2012 - April 29, 2012

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Friday Follies

YES, IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Now that I've stopped caring, the whole war on via women thing is getting progressively more amusing. Have to admit at the outset I was absolutely delighted by Ann Romney's controversial blouse.

What I really really love about this nonsensical controversy is, well, check it out for yourself (and please watch the whole thing)...

...that nobody involved has the guts (or the minimum survival-level sex hormones?) to notice that the outstanding feature of the blouse is not its price tag but the fish eye that's really a nipple. Me? I'm thinking Ann Romney is a lot more interesting  than the do-nothing stay-at-home wife of Hilary Rosen's depiction. But we've become so ossifyingly politically correct that liberal stud prick O'Donnell doesn't go "Va-Va-Voom!" Instead, he goes "That's too much to pay for a T-shirt." And here I thought he was Irish, not Scottish.

But metrosexuality (er, liberal eunuchry) has somehow objectified the deliciously leering objectification of women's sexual parts out of existence. Neat trick. Did somebody mention an integral?

I think Mrs. Romney was sending a message that a lot of red-blooded men will get. She really doesn't give a rat's ass what the Lawrence O'Donnells of the world think. About money and (gosh) breasteses. Touchdown for Republican and Independent women everywhere.

Of course, Ann Romney could have sent substantially the same message far more cheaply with this (the new InstaPunk icon):

Which means the $990 was also a key part of the message. Lesser but still key. Call that the two-point conversion.

You see, when you conscript women into war, not all the consequences can be anticipated. I guarantee you there are a lot of guys who are looking at Romney today in a brand new way: "Hello. How they hangin', Mitt? GO, dude."

Because if the libs are serious about their war/women thingy, they've got a big problem. Liberal women aren't sexy. At all. Think about it. We've got Palin, Bachmann, Condi, Nikki Haley, Ingraham, Coulter, Malkin...

Excuse me. Had to insert this. Admit it. Malkin kicks ass.

...and all the dumb blondes of Fox News. (Bless their hearts.) Counterbalanced by the brilliant brunettes of the Fox Business Network. Who do the libs have? Barbara Mikulski, homeless drab Barbara Boxer, Botox Queen Pelosi, all the casting couch harlots of Hollywood, the stylishly mannish Janets (Reno and Napolitano) and Kathleen Sebelius, PR wizard Anita Dunn, First Lady Michelle ("I have become accustomed to the high life to which I have become accustomed, and it's still not enough, so screw you") Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Her hips now have hips of their own.

Oh. We forgot Dana Perino. Who is about to leave politics altogether to play Grace Kelly in the movies:

Fake rumors are something you can do when you stop caring.

Speaking of movies and the women thing, Big Hollywood has a couple things to answer for. First, they published a favorable review of the chick martial-arts movie Haywire.

I'm not going to forgive them for this. The movie sucked. Completely. Unwatchable. Not the chick's fault. But unwatchable all the same. Trust me when I tell you the trailer had the only properly lighted and in-focus scenes in the movie. The plot was incomprehensible. And I don't care if this is a spoiler: when you've waited an endless hour and a half to see the bad guy get wasted by a super-hot martial-arts chick and she finally (finally!) drops silently behind him in his lair and the movie goes instantly to closing credits, that movie is a traitorous, foul, rotting corpse of a martial arts movie. Have conservatives ALSO forgotten what female sex appeal consists of?

They don't seem to think so. Overwhelmed, no doubt, by the rabid audience approval of a site that takes minutes to load and is incompatible in video format with Apple products, not to mention the twitter-length articles that pass for conservative journalism, the new thing at BH is -- TA DA! -- cheesecake! Yes, we've been teased so far this week with hundred word articles available by clicking on these photos:

She's having them redone. Her breasts, I mean.

She's in a new movie and said something to somebody. You know. News.
She went to Yale. She can probably write & spell better than the BH dudes.

Keep this up and Big Hollywood is going to have to rename itself Big Cheesecake. Which is beginning to fit their journalistic style to be honest. Not that I mind looking at cheesecake. It's reading it that's the bore. But maybe women are winning this subterranean conflict somehow. What do you think?

Are you all kicking up your skirts and dancing yet? Well, you won't be when I show you what the War on Women has done to the First Lady of France. You'll have to wait for the pciture because it's important to learn first what being a rightwing capitalist tyrant does to the delicate flower in his life:

She was once a carefree supermodel and singer, a free spirit who travelled the world, courted superstars and held men rapt with her beauty.

Now though, the reality of life is much tougher for Carla Bruni. Wife to France's controversial President, new mother to baby daughter Giulia - and victim of a barrage of criticism levelled at her family by Nicolas Sarkozy's detractors.

Indeed, this week, it was reported that the pressure of the French presidential election campaign has put Carla Bruni-Sarkozy under so much stress that she has stopped breast-feeding her baby daughter.

And as Carla appeared today at a television studio on the election trail with her husband, she looked a world away from the glamorous model she once was.

Aww. Awwwww. Is your heart breaking?

Tragic, n'est-ce pas? uh, I actually think she looks comfy.

I am concerned, though, that she has stopped breast-feeding her child. Which reminds me of another war-woman-Drudge story from a couple weeks ago. (I'm thinking there must be a new kid working the graveyard shift at DR. Breasts, tampons, and things have become hot items at the venerable Drudge Report of late. He needs to get out more, probably, Matt.)

Leaked Oreo Ad Shows Breastfeeding Baby Holding Cookie

NORTHFIELD, Ill. (CBS St. Louis) — Kraft Foods is attempting to clean up the mess made by the accidental release of a controversial Oreo advertisement that features a breastfeeding baby.

The ad shows a baby feeding from an uncensored breast and holding an Oreo cookie in its hand.

“Milk’s favorite cookie,” it reads at the bottom.

A spokesperson from Kraft told CBS St. Louis that the ad was not intended for mass public consumption.

“We’d like to clarify that Kraft Foods did not create this visual,” a spokesperson said in a statement via e-mail. “In fact, this visual was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising awards program.”

The spokesperson added, “It was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers. And it has never run in Korea or any other markets.”

Cheil Worldwide, the advertising agency utilized by Kraft, has been credited with creating the design concept.

Kraft, headquartered in Northfield, Ill., is known for the production of snack goods such as Wheat Thins, Ritz Crackers and Chips Ahoy! cookies, in addition to Oreos.

Nobody wants you to see the unexpurgated photo. But you know what? I'm going to show it to you and I'm not even going to call it NSFW. Isn't this what breasteses are for? I mean, if you want to talk about a war on women, this would be pretty much the trenches, wouldn't it? Their bodies doing a positive thing they were made to do, accompanied by chocolate, which they love, and it's a whole hell of a lot lovelier than seeing the outcome of an abortion, isn't it? If this isn't safe for work, I don't know what is.

So you think women are winning the war? Yes and no.

Hate to end on this note, but the truth is, women are still crazy. Meet the Bronze Lady.

Okay, I won't end on that note. It's the Friday Follies, after all. Have some Offenbach to take home with you.

You just have to imagine the legs and underwear. I feel you can handle that.

See? Not really caring anymore is good for you...

...except when there's a truly sad note. No more Courtney Friel covering the Kentucky Derby for Fox News. She's moved on to somewhere else, and now there's some rank impostor wearing a hat she can't carry off... uh, Sorry. Courtney always reminded me of Monica, smart and insouciant and effortlessly stylish.. Life is loss.

Bye, Courtney. Women are great. Even if you've stopped caring about everything else, you can still care about them.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

North Korea,
American Style

We have a pipsqueak in charge propped up by a useful idiot press.
I'm pretty sure he is lonely. His wife can't even look at him. Sad.

SOME ARE STILL FIGHTING. Like all of you, I have my dark days. Today is one. My commenters can't be bothered to comment on measures that could actually help win the most important election in U.S. history. Okay, then.

Why should I care? It's William O'Blivion who thinks it's all done and finished, except that he was willing to keep fighting with an Obama vetting site. While Brizoni can only be tempted out of hiding by an implied insult to his precious atheism.

Got it. It's all done. America is lost. So enjoy with me the irony that the closest approximation to the current American political scene is North Korea.

In the eyes of the NYT and the rest of the MSM, Obama is our "Dear Leader," a celebrity-obsessed fabrication of a statesman who has accomplished nothing but economic and foreign policy ruin. There is no respect in which he is ever held to account. We don't know anything about him except that he is our oh-so-likeable (Why? How?) commander-in-chief who was brave enough to quit the golf course for the war room when Osama Bin Laden had finally been cornered.

The polls are corrupt, skewed to reflect more Democrats than Republicans, leading to the lie that people actually approve of his performance in office. Based on the cynical calculation that if the polls say it's so, the rest of us will believe it too. Strictly North Korea. Doesn't matter who's starving, worse off than four years ago, we can all buy the marxist lie that the real fault lies with the capitalists who stole all that money from the poor folk they've always hated and oppressed. And conservatives keep repeating the possibility that Obama is getting a pass because the voters still blame George Bush. They sigh. Going to war against this fallacy doesn't occur to them. Because, you know, polls are the big flibbertygibbet of American politics.

You know what? If you don't care, if you can't be induced to fight, I won't either. If Americans can be sold such a gigantic lie, and have it reinforced by the fears of AllahPundit and the electoral mathematicians at RCP, fuck it. In that case, we deserve what we get, and all that's left is comedy. Like what will happen to the fellow travellers of the One who put a foot wrong sometime in the next seven months.

"Thrown under the bus" is, after all, a euphemism.

Even true believers may have to deep throat a sword along the way. Anything for "Dear Leader."

Awwww. She put out for her hero. But Change requires Sacrifice.

And some will simply fall by the wayside. Even Harvard guys. Horrors.

He really shouldn't be criticizing Dear Leader for not being lefty enough.

Which would all be well and good except that America as a worldwide South Park joke has other costs that aren't just marionette farces...

If we don't care about this, well, uh, fuck us all. We deserve what we get.
We won't be seeing this man alive again. Is that really OK? Are you sure?

...unless that's what they really are.

Indifferent are you? I know I'm laughing. Hell, I'm old. It'll take ObamaCare a few more years to kill me. How about you and yours?

I know you're busy. We're all busy. How man-made catastrophes always happen. (And I'm not half-Sigma. I'm full-Sigma. Imagine my, uh, disquiet.)

Why shouldn't this be the new site icon? Call it Indicators of God III.

It sure beats Brizoni bleating for an empty universe. If you're going to commit to meaninglessness, commit fully and robustly.

Excuse me. I have to go take my pill now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Campaign Slowgans-R-Us

THE MSM'S GONNA RUN WADDLE WITH IT. There's talk that Michelle Obama is trying out ways of reenergizing (sort of) the old "Hope and Change" mantra from 2008:

New Slogan: 'Real Change Is Slow and it Never Happens All at Once'

Daniel Halper
May 1, 2012 2:36 PM

Michelle Obama seems to have tried out a new campaign slogan at today's fundraiser in Las Vegas.

"I’m not going to kid you," the first lady said at the fundraiser, according to the pool report. "This journey is going to be long. And it’s going to be hard. And there are going to be plenty of twists and turns along the way. That’s how change always happens in this country. The reality is real change is slow and it never happens all at once."

Seems like a winning slogan to me! "Change is slow."

"Michelle Obama addressed about 130 people at a private fundraising breakfast at a café inside The Springs Preserve, a 180-acre protected nature area a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip," according to the pool report. "The guests paid at least $2,500 each, raising more than $300,000 for the Obama Victory Fund, a committee raising funds for his re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee."

One wonders how receptive these high dollar attendees were to the new tone.

I think they'll be receptive when they see the new T-shirt:

Is there also something subliminally sexy about it? Dunno.

The new wording is bound to win hearts and minds all across America. Slowly. But surely. Maybe.


Indicators of God II

Is Donnie "sucking up"? Wolves have bigger brains, but dogs have better ones.
Hell, Neanderthals had bigger brains than Cro-Magnons. It's the links that matter.

. I suppose I have to thank Brizoni, because I was planning a more leisurely discussion on this topic. I deliberately didn't use the word "proof" because there can be none. I wasn't planning a veiled offensive promoting Christian gospel, although I'm well aware that any approach to this subject is immediately attacked as if that were always the only point of mentioning God. I wasn't even building an argument. I was suggesting that there are perspectives from which, in the absence of go-for-the-throat legal logic, anyone at all might agree that there's something to ponder about the concept of divinity. For example, I purposely left out the strongest actual argument for God, that the most systematically atheist governments in history, all products of the twentieth century, have murdered more people than all other civilizations over 5,000 years combined. In his attempt to trash my oblique inferences, Brizoni inadvertently declared the precise reason why such governments felt entitled to slaughter so many human beings in the service of their rational ideologies. And by the way, the boldface is his:

Not sure how much more simply I can put this. If man's rights (and meaning and justification) come from God, man might not have rights, because God might not exist. How do you propose to make God work under these conditions? Convince everyone to just pretend that there's no reasonable, credible doubt that God exists? You gonna put that genie, of all genies, back in the bottle?

This is my pup, I matter above all others in my pack, and therefore I will do anything to ensure his survival.

Basic social contract stuff. Now that God's out of the picture, it's simply time to re-up. We need to have an explicit cultural dialog that says, to paraphrase you-know-who, I won't sacrifice you to my ends if you won't sacrifice me to yours. No God required. Just an agreement among those who wish to live and live well. I'm dismissing this with a wave of my hand because that's all it takes.

Why should anyone want to live? Well, if life isn't an obviously preferrable alternative to oblivion, I can't help you. Not even God could.

...there are (way) fewer than a million wolves alive in the world today and more than 100 million dogs, the supposed offshoot more notable for altruism, loyalty, and, well, love than any other species.

Sucking up, to be flip, is how dogs thrive as a species. That's the adaptation that works for them. True enough. But do you want to live on the same terms a dog lives? Or do you think human beings are entitled to something more dignified? Tell me how belief in a God who created us as abject sinners is going to help with that. I can't wait.

With a single "wave of my hand," he dismisses thousands of years of moral questing by brilliant men. And in service to his polemic, he also sees fit to demean the intricately interesting history of dogs: "Sucking up, to be flip, is how dogs thrive as a species."

He is uniformly reductionist, dismissive, and to use his own characterization, "flip." Atheism is the integral of philosophy, collapsing complexity to putative postulates, which are by definition themselves unprovable assumptions. His tone of denunciation is worthy of the Inquisition, but the Inquisition only managed to kill a couple thousand people, whereas atheism has killed more than a hundred million in living memory. How is that "something more dignified"?

But I repeat: I am not mounting a legal argument. I am saying that the universe we live in is more interesting than an integral. It's worth looking at and thinking about. I wouldn't even venture into such waters if I weren't allowing the possibility that there is no God worthy of the name. Contrary to another of Brizoni's prosecutorial charges, I'm not motivated by fear of a godless universe. I'm motivated by curiosity and wonder. And a recognition that the grand sum of things is way bigger than I am, meaning that the appropriate routes of exploration involve expansionist thinking more than brute reductionism.

Our technological development as a species is not as much about empires as about the creation of ever more useful metaphors by which we can learn more about ourselves and our universe. Chaos Theory, for example, was the antonym of the integral. Too much simplifying ruled out the incredibly fascinating stuff that happens in equations that don't work out even (uh, 98 percent of them). Think about pi. The very definition of a universal infinity of application descending into an infinity of finer and finer distinctions.

Which -- and this is where I insist that I am making no argument as such -- I am minded of music. Pi's nonrepeating decimals are analogous to the apparently, if not provably, infinite creative opportunities of a truly unique phenomenon. How can music do what it so obviously does? I won't write an essay about it, because there's only one point that matters. Music and human response to it is not a rational but an irrational effect. Mathematicians have labored to define Bach and Mozart in their own terms, but they wind up explaining nothing. Because they're nowhere near explaining the ear that hears and projects the creations no one ever heard before. In the bad old days, the philosophers wrote seriously about the "Music of the Spheres," believing that God and music and the universe were closely related. They were dead wrong about that, of course, as I'm sure Brizoni will make clear in his next Light Brigade charge.

Except that 20th century science did provide us with a possibly instructive metaphor. The hologram. A three-dimensional image that somehow contains the whole in every single part, no matter how small. Any music belongs to all music, and perhaps it also contains the entire universe. Just as the shapes of leaves are endlessly repeated in the Mandelbrot set. Or, to put it another way, pi.

I'm not done yet. I know Brizoni will grab Glamdring or Excalibur and come headhunting again before I post the next post on this subject. But in the interim, I'll ask you all to take a look at this video and tell me that the whole story of the universe and life on earth is really reducible to entropy, a constant falling apart into more and more magnificently artistic demonstrations of order:

How did crazy Van Gogh see this unless the whole is always embedded somehow?

I knew you could do it. My faith in human folly is yet another infinity.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Before We Got So GD Politically Correct

He got it wrong obviously. No mention of "brackets."
But the policy parts were pretty much spot on. Economics too.

SPEAKING OF CRAZY EVIL WHITE MEN... Since the issues of the current presidential campaign have now been boiled down to racism, racism, sexism, gayism, immigrationism, mormonism, racism, and, of course, racism, I thought it might be a good time to remember what life was like in these United States before we entered the post-racial paradise blessedly ushered in by the inauguration of, uh, Himself.

It was terrible the way people used to be free to fling around racial epithets that would get you arrested for hate crimes today.

That last segment is probably what his act would look like in 2012.

He was definitely a genius, but you have to wonder what the hell he was fighting for. Did he really want Huey Newton heading up the FBI and Eric Holder the Department of Justice? Really? And which of his many black and white voices would he have used to lampoon our president?

You tell me.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Top 10 Things New Media Can Do

Everybody knew who was going to win, especially the journalists on scene.
But maybe not as much as the guy who bankrolled the show. Until the 9th.

FIGHTING BACK, 2. Back in 2009 I did a couple of posts about "What to Do." First was fight in the streets, which the Tea Partiers did. Second was this:

What to do? Pick something. Anything. Devote a percentage of your time to tracking it, learning more about it, chasing down the dirty details and despicable failures. What in particular? As I said, anything. Elementary textbooks. Malpractice law. No-bid highway contracts. The political bias of your hometown newspaper. The political correctness outrages of your hometown university. The skewed decisions of your municipality's family court proceedings in matters of divorce and child custody. The difference between your local high school's publicity campaigns and the anecdotal evidence about drug usage, promiscuity, and teenage abortions in your school district. The specific influence of The $780 billion Generational Theft Act on your town, city, or state.

Pick something you're close to. Something you know something about by dint of education, personal or professional experience, or avocation. Become a reporter and critic -- not a flamethrower but a scrupulous poster of informational index cards on the Great Bulletin Board. And, critically, seek out links with one another on related topics, locations, and lifestyles. Make yourself easy to find in case anyone is looking. (I won't tell tell how to start a free blog. If you can't figure that out, you're as useless as you fear you are.)

Now we're in a campaign to save our nation. And I can be more specific because of that. Conservative websites tend to be one of four kinds: 1) news aggregating-plus-opinion sites like the Breitbart Bigs, Hotair and (shudder) Ace of Spades, 2) pure opinion political/analysis sites like RedStates, RealClearPolitics, and the National Review's Corner Online, 3) doctrinaire niche sites like the Medfia Research Council, and 4) purely personal rightwing gadfly blogs like this one and a million others.

It's time for a fifth column. All four of the existing categories share the same weakness. They can be dismissed because the political bias is not only evident, it is open, repeated, and therefore dismissible. For example, even I cringe at the MRC website and the Breitbart Bigs. MRC seems at times to want us to return movies and TV to the Nickelodeon model, prudish and bland and dull. Breitbart's sites are way too reminscent of the Huffingfton Post -- a lead paragraph that turns out to be the whole essay and therefore suspect on the basis of details not offered.

And I do sympathize with those who are trying to build a conservative journalistic presence in the New Media. They are trying to be truthful and provocative but without fatally pissing off all their sources. Why Ed Morrissey at Hotair always seems to be bending over backwards to present the other, the mitigating, the FAIR representation of what the utterly corrupt establishment position is. There is a sense in which these new conservative media lights are aware of becoming stars in their own right, but that's not the biggest problem. When they attend all the political events they spend so much time and effort tracking and traveling to, they don't want to be isolated like lepers. I get that. What good are they if they can't get an interview with a newsmaker? They're paid for publishing, they have jobs, they desire to be plausible, even though the people they want to be plausible to weill never think so. The Fox News problem (apart from stone illiteracy). Only Michelle Malkin seems impervious to such temptations and compromises. But she's one in a million. And she's content to be a columnist first, journalist second. Different thing.

So what's the fifth column opportunity? Niche sites without the disqualifying layer of opinion. Just the facts ma'am. Some snark may be permissible, but personal snark rather than ideological snark. You don't have to hide your scorn, but you do have to suppress your personal politics. Here are the top candidates for specialized websites with neutral names that can be resources to all voters in the campaign to come:

1. Vetting the Pool of Debate Correspondents

If the right questions are asked, there's no way way Romney can't defeat Obama in a presidential debate. The economy sucks. The debt situation is catastrophic. The administration can't pass a budget, let alone a solution to the country's fiscal nightmare. In foreign policy, the world is falling apart, Europe sliding into bankruptcy and the middle east into islamist chaos with a powerful threat of nuclear war. The administration is beset by scandals of corruption, profligacy, and elitist dealmaking that bypasses an impotent congress. The log in the water is a prostitute press that prefers to ask questions about a war on women, racism, racism, racism, how rich Romney is, and why Republicans want to pay no taxes and stone gay people to death.

Obama isn't going to want debates. He'll hold out for one or two. Smart conservatives who want something worhwhile to do will start building a book on the potential askers of questions. For example, two of the NBC superstars who have gone out of their way to dismiss Sarah Palin as a stupid hick are less formally educated than she is. Did you know that? Brian Williams, managing editor of NBC News, has exactly 16 hours of college credits. Matt Lauer has an honorary degree from the podunk college he dropped out of, awarded on the basis of his esteemed journalistic career. David Gregory has a long trail of leftist quotes documented by the MRC but ignored because of that source, and the same kinds of baggage are attached to everyone the alphabet networks will probably assign to presidential debates

Somebody. Research the "journalists" who will most likely be tapped to moderate the debates and quiz the candidates. Jim Lehrer. Soledad O'Brien. Leslie Stahl. Andrea Mitchell. Suzanne Malveaux. George Stephanopoulos. Build the database. The formal credentials, the revealing quotes, the personal histories vis a vis power glamour, etc, and put them in one place without prejudicial comment. Then repeatedly contact the Romney campaign to let them know how much danger they are in if they don't fight for more neutral questioners. Which your research might also turn up.

2. Administration Hangers-On

Get past Ayers and Wright. Get past the birth certificate. Who does the president include in his "friendly circle"? Meanining, who keeps speaking up for him, representing him, driving his ideas into the electorate whether they're still officially on board or no?. Van Jones. Anita Dunn (intimate of Hilary Rosen), Valerie Jarrett, Steven Chu, Kathleen Sebelius, Daniel Savage, Andy Stern, Jeffrey Immelt, Rahm Emmanuel. Joshua Bell, Charles Ogletree, et al. Document their backgrounds, personal histories, quotes, etc. No comments. Just the facts. And the quotes.

3. The High Life

A site all to itself. Room for real snark here, just not political. All the Obama vacations, the cost, the golf, the First Lady's resentment, her spending, pictures, $399 wine at state dinners, paralyzing New York for a trip to off-Broadway, etc. TMZ without political undercurrents.

4. Eric Holder.

Black Panthers in Philly. Fast & Furious. Trayvon Williams (inaction). Election IDs. Arizona immigaration bill. Role in final Clinton pardons. Quotes: "Nation of Cowards."

5. The TSA

The "War on Terror is Over." Really? Listing of the abundant record of humiliations of private citizens ranging from four year olds to ninety year olds. Plus all those great CYA quotes from the TSA itself.

6. Obama Wit & Wisdom

Remember how the NYT and WAPO skewered GWB for his supposed malaprops? Ed Morrissey of Hotair has been compiling an ongoing list of Obamateurisms that are much much worse. Marine Corpseman? 57 states? Build a site that doesn't have the conservative stigma. Raid Hotair. I bet Morrissey would be supportive. He doesn't own the signs of the president's rotten education. And I'm thinking he'd like to see more people know about it.

7. ObamaCare

All the things that have been said that just aren't true. God knows, he said a million words about ObamaCare and made a hundred promises. Document, document, document. Broken promises. Out and out lies. And the corrupt allies who are just now breaking ranks. Read the bill to find out what's in it. And pit it all in one place.

8. Obama Science

They don't care about science unless they see a way to use it. Global Warming. Green jobs. Fracking. General awfulness among Republicans. Run it all down. Post.

9. Scandals.

The most corrupt administration in history. Don't editorialize. Just list and link.

10. Obama Himself

The first thing I proposed. Commenter William O'Blivion and I have been tussling with this one. It's not about Romney. It's about the guy who has no personal record and no friends, no SAT scores, no college or grad school majors, no college papers, no publications, no footsteps prior to his treading on the Oval Office carpet. If you can amass what is known without imparting a conspiratorial air to it. you might be doing a service to your nation.

I know not many people read this blog. Usually I'm content with that. Today I'm asking that you transmit this post as far and wide and as aggressively as you can. Because this is how we win.

And a warning based on the video above. The MSM thinks the fix is in in this election. Thanks to Al Gore, if we win, the Don King of the old guard is going to fight. The party that wants people to vote with no ID is going to claim the election was stolen. That's how the Alinsky crowd fights. We don't get our country back before February 2013 at the earliest. But that will be soon enough. If everyone does his part.

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