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March 8, 2005 - March 1, 2005

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What About the Young Fools?
For all we say about Dan Rather, he never had what the new, young bucks have . . . namely, complete Regular Joe media saturation. Having less viewers than Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough has the cable gig on MSNBC -- Scarborough Country, 10:00 p.m. weeknights -- a book deal -- Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day -- clever, no?; a blog called, Congressman Joe; a website called, Regular Joe or The Daily Grind; another blog called, The Buzz; and, if our ears did not deceive us yesterday morning, a radio gig -- The Joe Scarborough Show!, complete with exclamation point.

Who is paying for all this stuff? Who is watching, listening, reading, and otherwise completely saturating their minds with Joe Scarborough? Don't get us wrong, Congressman Scarborough is okay, but does his commentary warrant all this? Who is this guy's agent?

Anyway, to the radio show . . .

We heard this coming in faintly on the AM radio yesterday. The story Regular Joe was discussing was horrific. His guest's daughter has been missing since last September, kidnapped down in Laredo, TX by drug lords or drug gangs, we weren't exactly sure who, but the man seemed to think the Mexican government was involved and the response from U.S. agencies has been less than effective. And, there has been little media coverage of the tale.

Supposedly, the guest had setup a website -- Laredo Missing -- but our research staff could not find it. What they brought back was an article, published 2/2/2005 entitled, Reports: At least 142 go missing at border. 142!? What the . . .

The guest seemed to be very familiar with the goings-on at the border and reported that many of these young women are presented as gifts to the kingpins. What the guest hadn't thought to do was to contact his Congressman. Regular Joe sprang to action. He knew the man's Congressman and was going to have the kindly incumbent give the man a call and get to the bottom of all this. Regular Joe suggested that the Congressman get down to the border and start throwing some people around.

We never thought of Congressmen as super-heros and evidently the victim of this unthinkable crime -- after six months of doing his own research, travel, and discussions with the FBI, Border Patrol, and even a trip or two to Mexico at his own expense -- had never thought to call his Congressman. That just about sums up where most of us place Congressman on the "valuable resource" list.

Anyway, we thought you should know about all this exposure if, somehow, you missed it all.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

No Fool Like an Old Fool

Alright Already!

Please, just go away. You're 73+ years-old. You're going to die soon. Go and repent of all your sins. Enough. Bye-bye. See ya . . .

Friday, March 04, 2005

It Only Takes One

Scary Situations Created by Nuclear Weapons
You might remember, a little while back, they were talking about a dropped Hydrogen bomb someplace down South -- Savannah, GA, 1958.

Ready, Set, GO! Well, we were doing a little relocation research for HQ when we came upon a fine product -- Keyhole. Keyhole is a mapping and satelite imagery service and provides high definition views of a number of locations around the world with resolution down to 1 meter.

We certainly would encourage you to take a look at Keyhole -- you can get a 7-day free trial, but after that, you've got to pay. The annual subscription seems well worth it to us . . .

Anyway, we came across a link from a Keyhole image that provided information on the possible location of the Savannah Broken Arrow. This website also provided details on a whole bunch more (the Savannah bomb is No. 12 on the list). We thought we'd pass it along to you before your big weekend blowout so you can, along with us, be amazed at humanity's astounding ability not to think about something.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Modern Love Letters
Wow. Running a blog is fun. People send us all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, sometimes they lack the nerve to bring things to your attention.

What we got was a letter from a 15-year old public school student that was delivered to his sweetheart along with a copy of a magazine article with various sexual positions described -- his favorites dutifully noted with the express hope of hooking up at some point and giving them a whirl.

We also had the reply which was in the affirmative.

We thought you should be able to read these little missives -- a kind of cultural artifact -- but concerns by our reader over the propriety of releasing such personal information, even in the annonymous setting provided here at InstaPunk, was just too much. So, we thought we'd honor the request to withhold the letters and join in the hand-wringing -- "The harder question is what to do - if anything - about it - for real - it's really horrible."

Yes, whatever it is . . .

An Old-Fashioned Exclusive Sexual Preference
Harvard developing multi-cultural immunities to "heteronormative" thinking -- HERE.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Return of the Face Guy

QUOTE. A lot of you may remember the guy who led the charge to explore the so-called "Face" on Mars. His name is Richard Hoagland, and he's been pretty successfully slimed by NASA, and his own politicking, with regard to his claims about the Red Planet.

But now he's back with a new astonishing assertion, this time about a tiny Saturnian moon called Iapetus, which is incidentally famous for being the final, mystical destination of Arthur C. Clark's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Hoagland has analyzed some recent photographs taken by the Cassini space probe and believes that Clark must have been onto something because just like the Face, Iapetus might be an artificial structure. In fact, he thinks it's a geodesic dome, just like Buckminster Fuller used to make. To prove his point, Hoagland draws on the NASA pictures and outlines the "anomalous" features. For example, here's what he sees when he looks at the edge of Iapetus illuminated by Saturn:

Do you see it? Fortunately, he has lots of photographs to choose from. Here's another view:

Hmmm. That one's actually a little eerie. He also finds it strange that Iapetus has a perfectly straight mountain range aligned precisely on its equator, which suggests to him the following comparison:

One thing you can say about Hoagland -- he knows how to attract attention. But when we went googling for all the excitement about his newest discovery, we found that most of the astronomy dudes have gotten pretty blase, if not downright nasty, about Hoagland's evidence. They don't seem to believe much of what he says.

We feel kind of bad for him. The article he wrote on his website was all long and lavishly illustrated and everything, and people still don't seem to care. So we studied the materials ourselves and came up with a "smoking gun" that Hoagland unaccountably missed.

Don't you think that about clinches it? We do, and we don't even own a telescope. Help yourself to our discovery, Richard, and run with it as far as you can.

There Isn't Any God (Wil.25.5)
We received an email with a reference to this brief rebuttal to the pompous Usher's post over the weekend. Our headline link expands upon THIS.

If you don't do well with pictures, there are a bunch of words -- HERE.

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