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February 12, 2005 - February 5, 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

O Money
In your own life, do you demand the following be true:

Receipts - Disbursements >= - 0 -

Do you have the discipline to earn more than you spend? Not many Americans do, so they tend to elect people who aren't very good at it either. But, if you do, perhaps you can help your country today.

Let's talk about the budget. The Federal Budget for FY2006 (read, "Fiscal Year 2006," indicating the fiscal year the runs from October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006 -- and so on, throughout) which was just presented to the Congress by President Bush. It has everybody hooting and hollering. They just can't believe what a deceitful mess it all is. There is a projected deficit of $390 billion made up of two components -- 1) What you get in (i.e., Receipts), $2,177 billion and 2) What you pay out (i.e., Disbursements), $2,568 billion.

Now, we'll only do this once, just so you can see -- the Federal government will spend, in 365 days (24 hour, literal days) $2,567,617,000,000. That is, $7.035 billion every day or $293.1 million every hour or $4.9 million per minute. That, my friends, is a lot of money.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

You too can be an Indian... er... Native American!

Professor Sir Ward Churchill and his blood brother Sir Richard Kiel (which means "Churchill" in English and "nasty betrayer mouth full of iron teeth" in some Indian language.) Big Bro just failed at executing the imperialist pig James Bond before he could save the West for the umpteenth time, but Ward has chosen a quite different route -- fabricating history in print while experiencing a spectacular orgasm inspired by the death of 2000 American Wall Street Capitalist Jews who somehow escaped the completely unplanned Final Solution that would have enabled Palestinians to establish the Islamic Utopia of a plutocracy consisting of one billionaire and uncounted thousands of viciously holy and masochistic morons living in a land without law, mercy, or sustenance. Yippee-ai-kai-ay, Muhammo-thugger. Unless there's something about all this crap we don't understand. The Koran probably explains it. Right.

POOR BASTARD. We really love free speech here at InstaPunk, especially when it's being advocated by Native Americans, who -- as everyone knows -- were savaged by European invaders who unfairly genocidalized them before they could could kill each other off in organic tribal blood feuds and other rituals of cultural diversity practiced by the natural peoples of the time. The really good news about the Churchiill affair is that it has alerted so many to the possibility of discovering their native American roots. If Ward Churchill can carry the most powerful surname of the century, a prognathous jaw that mocks the subtle understatement of pre-Columbian mandibles, and a preening arrogance that would have embarrassed even Sitting Bull, then all the rest of us have hope of establishing connections with the pre-colonial innocents who have given civilization such a bad name in recent years.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

O Poor Miserable Christian Sinners
ASH WEDNESDAY -- We obviously can't say much about this, so we thought we would pass along this little article.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Haste Makes Waste
Thanks to The Chain Gang for granting me this additional space to sound-off about Sunday's unpleasantness. It seems there really is a lot of talk about Coach Reid's abuse of the clock on Sunday. I'm really aggravated by the arrogance of these guys and how long would it really take you to figure out what exactly a $2.5 trillion spending spree is anyway? So, thanks, back to the football.

The Daily News gets in on the analysis act with an insulting headline and then some reporting that makes Coach Reid sound like an idiot. When asked why the Eagles didn't go into a no-huddle offense with 5:40 remaining in the game and trailing by ten, Reid supposedly said, "Well, you know, I'm trying to remember back on that. I put that away a little bit." Huh? I guess the New York press needs something to do since they don't play much NFL football up there in the Big Apple.

John Donovan, unable to play football or get a job as a school teacher himself, decided to grade the Eagles. It is just a ridiculous format for a football discussion.

Finally, Jack McCaffrey of The Times, warns about the perils of arrogance. Maybe I'll just shut up now. You have a good idea of what is being said, but feel free to leave a comment with any other comments or analysis worth our attention. Thanks.

UPDATE:  Someone emailed me to say that New York has two NFL franchises -- The Jets, who made the playoffs this year and The Giants, who, well, The Giants. You might want to get yourself a map and find East Rutherford NEW JERSEY. It is just up the NEW JERSEY turnpike, just past the New York City exits to the WEST.

Monday, February 07, 2005

If You Can Keep Your Head
I'm not sure if the modern equivalent of Kipling's If is banging your chest with an open palm, laughing, and saying, "My Bad" when you throw a game-ending interception in the Super Bowl but I think that's what the builders of a brand-new football stadium in the City of Philadelphia will want us all to think. Especially since Any Reid's contract had already been extended through 2011 and Donovan McNabb already gets paid like he won three of the last four Super Bowls.

It's all spelled out for Philadelphia fans -- in what I like to refer to as, The Times, ESPN, and you can also read what Lenny from Fishtown had to say about it -- well most of what he said.

There was one Philadelphia story of fortitude yesterday and I don't remember seeing him laughing.

Oh, yeah, Patriots 24 | Eagles 21.

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention, New England's new stadium was built with private money (see .pdf file details).

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Our Friends
As you weekend visitors know, it is a little slow around here on the weekends. The Chain Gang goes wherever those guys go on the weekends and leave me, the lowly Usher, here to man the blog (Ned.54.11).

So, with the relaxation that comes with the weekend, I thought I would take the chance over the next several posts, to point out a couple of things about InstaPunk that may have escaped your attention during the busy work week. Today, I would like to point out our growing number of friends. These fine folks have setup a link to InstaPunk from their own blogs. They are listed under the heading, "Thanks for the Link!" in the left panel.

I would encourage you to visit them this weekend just to see what they are talking about. And, if you are aware of anyone else that should be included, by all means, let me know. One of our newer links is from I Live in Delaware County (listed as I Live in DelCo, the affectionate name for Delaware County), a Pennsylvania county from which some members of the Chain Gang hail. Their post for today is mildly amusing and, as I understand it, completely accurate.

I would like to personally thank these friends for noticing InstaPunk and, as has been pointed out previously, that makes them GREAT.

Enjoy your weekend, and, as always, thank you for stopping by . . .

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