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January 11, 2005 - January 4, 2005

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hollywood -- a mecca for the most beautiful and talented people in the world
Anyone who dislikes Oliver Stone and the "culture" of Hollywood may have a challenging time not taking some robust gratification, or at least amusement, from this Guardian piece regarding Oliver Stone and his $150mm disaster, Alexander.

Monday, January 10, 2005

PROFESSIONALS -- an update
InstaPundit points out CBS False Reporting Results. Our gal, Mary Mapes should get in touch with us. We would be happy to arrange an interview.

Football - a great high school and college game
We now approach the end of the NFL Football season. There are only seven games left and then we will all be sent outside to what remains of the cold, dark winter with only the way over-blown NCAA March Madness to hold our interests until it is safe to actually go outside. We should explore the nature of the NCAA when the time comes. It amazes me that these kids play basketball for a bag of books and a seat in a lecture hall while coaches, Universities/Colleges, and major TV networks make millions -- but I'll have more to say about that in March when I'm all caught up in the Madness.

According to the opening lines look like this (if you don't have a login, Brook Burke will tell you all about it via a video):





Game Day




Heinz Field
Pittsburgh, PA

JAN 15, 4:30 ET (CBS)




Georgia Dome
Atlanta, GA

JAN 15, 8:00 ET (FOX)




Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA

JAN 16, 1:00 ET (FOX)




Gillette Stadium
Foxborough, MA

JAN 16, 4:30 ET (CBS)

I've got to take the points in all of these games except the Steelers. I don't think the Jets are going to have too much fun in Pittsburgh and I don't see them making use of the 9 points. The Eagles may walk away victors, but they'll be happy with a 7 point margin so the Vikings with 9.5 looks like the bet of the week. As our resident doctor of the point spread says, "They're givin' it away." The "it" being, of course, money.

So, good luck with four of your last seven NFL football games -- I'll let you know if the lines change as we get closer to game day.

And, yes, Randy Moss should be issued a multi-million dollar fine for forcing us to imagine him mooning the Green Bay fans -- or, at least, forced to shave his head.

UPDATE: Yes, the use of "Brook Burke" in the above analysis was a shameless attempt to get picked up in search engines. Welcome to all our visitors from the Athens Girls pages.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Talk About How Much your Company Cares About the Environment
We haven't noticed a lot of national coverage on this story (Source Archive). Evidently a bunch of oil was dumped in the Delaware River. They don't know how much yet, but everyone seems very upset and we thought you should know -- so you can fret accordingly.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hockey -- which is an excellent way . . .
Christmas was great. I had way too much funs. Everybody came over and there was a bunch of drinking, but no fighting. Which is odd when all my friends come over. I'm not sure why, but everybody seemed a little more of the calm. Who am I kidding with, the anyshell just canned our proposal to the owners and it really looks like we won't be playing the hockey for a bunch of times.

My friend, Jeremy Roenick will be paid as if he were playing because of his end of season concussion. A millions or so. Thanks to Bobbie who left the link for the article that talks about this. Bobbie left a comment in the InstaPunk guys' year-end entry. And, thanks to my Puck Princess Punk, I got a print out of the article, because I don't know my way around the Internets too good.

Now I read the Great One saying we might not get to play the hockey for two years. TWO YEARS! I don't think I have never played the hockey for this long already. I don't know if I will remember how to play the hockey two years from now.

Also, the money seems to be getting funny. My banker called and said he and my father had a conversation and that I should stop down to the bank when I get a chance. It is never good when the banker calls me. My father will be there too. I hate when the three of us have to talk. I don't understand what they say, but I always end up signing my name on papers with my father smiling and slowly nodding his head like he does.

So, maybe things will get fixed up and I get to play the hockey. But, the blood-sucking anyshell owners sound like they are going to lock us all out for a long time. I sure hope that isn't the truth.


Puck Punk covers the NHL for -- here are his previous reports:
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  10/5/2004 -- First Post


Where has InstaPunk been?

The Deerhound Thing

Chain Gang and company have done an excellent job keeping InstaPunk lively over the past few months, but InstaPunk himself has been AWOL. An imaginative truant could think up plenty of excuses -- death in the family, moving to a new home, illness, the holidays -- but honesty compels a truthful accounting. The primary reason for the long absence is a six-month-old boy named Psmith. He's a thing called a Scottish Deerhound. Most people have never seen or heard of them, and those who have perpetuate the notion that they're a breed of dog, albeit an unusual one, of ancient lineage and imposing size, developed for the purpose of overtaking stag in the open field and wrestling them to ground with tree-like legs. Of course, those who actually live with deerhounds learn speedily that they are not dogs at all, but wraiths of Scottish lairds killed long long ago in the fruitless battle against the innumerable enemies of Scotland. You'll note that deerhounds exhibit no trace of redeye; the anomaly disclosed by color photography is an artifact of a human soul trapped in an animal body.

Greyhounds, despite being direct descendants of unicorns, are not immune to redeye.

So far, this sounds like a good thing: a seeming dog which houses a human soul. Problem is, the soul in question is a Scottish soul. This means there is little or no civilization involved. Every deerhound is born with an incomparable air of sorrow and entitlement denied. He should have been a Celtic lord, but he has been reduced to a state of exile. In recompense, he demands the best seat on the couch (i.e., the whole couch), an unending supply of foodstuffs fit for a Scot (including straight chairs, highboys, plant stands, tray tables, and far more unspeakable dishes akin to the worst of all ethnic foods, haggis), complete immunity from reproach, and constant deference. In short, a deerhound is pure punk, aggravated by a growth rate that zooms him to sixty pounds in six months and double that in a year.

What has InstaPunk been doing? Ushering a barbarian into his new incarnation. But he is back now. Thanks for waiting.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Things More Important than Money? -- part III
For those of you following our post regarding the unfortunate passing of Mrs. Elizabeth Verdin and our response to Dennis Mangan who thought it an incredible imposition for large corporations to talk to their customers.

As we suspected, the legislators are getting geared up as indicated in Eric Connor's follow-up report. Now, we did get a number of comments in support of Duke Power. We cannot say anything further than we said in our response to Mr. Mangan and we would direct detractors to that post. Read it until you understand it. If it is not clear, by all means, ask us a question and we'll do our level best to answer it.

The key idea is that individuals must beware of their tendency to follow the dictates of a large organization in ways that are directly opposed to the goals and objectives of that large organization. Without such individuals in a large organization, said large organizations can look forward to increased regulation.

Enough said.

NOTE: BassPlayer and Uninvisible had a brief exchange in the comment section of the Mr. Mangan response post where BassPlayer invited Uninvisible into the Forum for further discussion. That didn't happen, but we would invite you to take a look at the Forum via the link on the left panel of the main InstaPunk page. There is a dedicated section for InstaPunk topics and discussion. Stop in and take a look.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why You're so Mad All the Time
Well, Happy New Year. It seems that the fellas are going to take a bit more time to get out from under all the Jack Daniels that some of you fine readers sent along for the holidays, so they said I could say whatever I wanted until they get back.

Over the break I found something that I did not know -- imagine that -- and, I searched the web seeing what bloggers had to say about the pilot for Fox Television's Lone Gunman television series. You might remember that this was a spin-off of the Duchovony-wishes-he-never-left television series, The X-Files.

Big deal. Right? Right. But, the plot of that pilot (i.e., flying jets into the World Trade Center) was something I haven't heard discussed anywhere and thought that it should, at least, be talked about. Especially since it aired in March, 2001 and we've all heard the public officials and official reporting committees saying they just never thought about anything like this.

You can see the trailer for the pilot -- HERE. Maybe we should watch more TV (Note: If you've got Firefox or Mozilla, you may have to RIGHT-CLICK on the video block and select PLAY IN REALPLAYER from the context menu, or just use IE).

Perhaps our readers could induce Little Green Footballs, Hugh Hewitt, Belmont Club, or other luminaries outside of conspiracy circles to talk about what this could possibly mean. We sure can't.

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