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January 3, 2005 - December 27, 2004

Monday, January 03, 2005

The Brits Surrender to the Yanks in Princeton -- as important as a Snowflake
Happy New Year. Thank you all for stopping by again. We had a most excellent break. And, we thought we'd start with something from the past while we get rid of all the empties around here.

In 1777, Washington and his rebel forces attacked 8,000 fortified, fed, and rested Brits in Princeton, NJ with his disorganized, under-supplied, out-numbered, rag-tag military force of about 5,000 -- many of whom were to become, "time-expired" on December 31, 1776 -- meaning their term of enlistment was up. Through Washington's crafty "reverse-draft," these terms of enlistment were extended to provide enough time to drive the Brits from New Jersey. Which took until today, January 3rd, 1777 -- known as The Battle of Princeton. Making the world safe for bow tie wearers everywhere -- especially in Princeton.

This Brit Battle site actually goes into great detail regarding what everyone wore -- no kidding.

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