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December 2, 2004 - November 25, 2004

Thursday, December 02, 2004

O Canada! Hockey -- which is an excellent way . . .
Finally, someone cares about the anyshell lockout. President Bush went to Canada (Source Archive) to, know doubt, work on the anyshell lockout.

The guys here at the Los Angeles Times seemed to miss the big part of the story, but I thought I'd comment on the President's trip to Canada -- I love America! -- since the guys at InstaPunk love the politics and I love the hockey.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is a huge fan of the hockey. In July, the PM praised the hockey of Alberta. Maurice Rules!He even mentioned Maurice "The Rocket" Richard in his toast to the President and the First Lady (Source Archive). Wow!

Even President Bush says, "[Prime Minister] Paul [Martin] and I share a great vision for the future -- two prosperous, independent nations joined together by the return of NHL hockey." You can read it HERE (Source Archive) if you don't believe.

This toast and the President's tell-tale comments surely set the stage for very serious conversations. What can these two guys do about the lockout? Plenty. Trust me. I would think that the entire anyshell could be made a joint operation of both governments -- like NORAD. That way, everyone could make lots of money and the televisions networks would be required to show the games, by law. And money problems? Gone. I can't wait.

NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic
NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic NORAD logo merging with Canadian flag graphic


What else could they be talking about but the anyshell lockout? I mean, Canada is less important that the Czech Republic in international matters -- even I know that. Yes, yes, it has to be about the lockout. It just has to be -- doen't it?

I must specially thank my little Puck Princess Punk for all the research she do to help me see just what is going on up north. She is so cute. And, she really knows her way around the internets.

FORGERS.14.14-15. The Command Post has an entry reporting the law suit against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and senior U.S. officers saying they are guilty of war crimes over the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.

We cannot let this pass. Thankfully, there is an in-depth look at the history of torture posted on these pages by RFLaird. You should take the time to read it if you haven't already. There really isn't any need to say anything further.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Those Who Should Ignore Us Completely
Well, well, well. Hugh Hewitt ignored us completely. Perhaps someone could let Mr. Hewitt know that he is missing a very important ingredient to understanding the culture that he comments upon.

Physician's Wash Their Hands -- of everything -- everyday
Now, we can hear you asking, "But how does The Boomer Bible help understand the times we live in?"

By way of example, let us take a look at Hugh Hewitt's consternation over The Groningen Protocol and the relative silence of his favorite blogs. The Goningen Protocol is detailed at the article cited in HH's post - HERE.

Now, The Boomer Bible has a book in the Present Testament entitled, "The Prescription of the Chosen One Mike for the JEFFERSONIANS" that deals specifically with the medical profession and the many ailments facing them including, Parnoius digesticus, Specialitas tediositas, Investicus stupidicus, and Malpracticus catastrophicus. There are a number of cures suggested within the book, but the overall prescription is -- Non cogito ergo sanus sum. You can read the concluding chapter off of the headline link above, but the entire book is only available in the hard copy.

So, when it comes to the ultimate washing of hands, should we be surprised at this protocol? We are not surprised here at all. We really aren't horrified by this, specifically. This protocol is simply the logical outworking of all the assumptions operating on the modern mind today. As such, we are just as horrified by the education our children receive in public elementary schools all over the United States. An education that is not providing young minds with the opportunity to experience horror over anything -- except maybe a racial epithet.

The Boomer Bible is an essential element of this understanding. Now, wasn't that easy?

Re-Reading The Boomer Bible -- part 2 (or, is it part 3?)
And, there is an example of current analysis on The Boomer Bible done as recently as Saturday, November 27, 2004. How can this be? Take a look.

O How Beautiful is a Generous Spirit
ScrappleFace is reporting on the number one word of the year -- BLOG. To his consternation, and ours, there is a failure of another word to make the top ten -- Instalanche. Which is defined as: "a brief but powerful spike in blog traffic, generated by a link from, which creates in the affected blogger a fleeting sense of euphoria and heightened self-esteem, followed by weeks of doubt and progressive self-loathing."

If anyone cares, we would cast our full support by the inclusion of this word into any dictionary used by educated people anywhere. Having experienced the Instalanche phenomenon on a number of occassions, and having gladly paid the bandwidth bill for the privilege -- we just wanted to thank Glenn Reynolds for noticing.

May your blog be blessed with an Instalanche.

MORE: Being as Judeo-Christian as You Want
It is Advent and people feel the need to comment on Christianity. Bill Hobbs wants to talk about the Incarnation and Dimpenumbra is talking about the Virgin Mary. Tis the season.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Great Big Mess in a Place Called Vietnam
In an otherwise adequate look at the fighting in Iraq, John F. Burns or his editor, cannot resist comparing the current action with Vietnam. Shadow of Vietnam Falls Over Iraq River Raids (Source Archive) has got references to jungles and Apocolypse Now sprinkled in with the story of a Marine search and destroy mission using 40 U.S. Marines and 80 Iraqi commandos.

Granted, we might not have read the article without the bristling headline, but is that a reason to attempt to draw the correlation? The second paragraph admits as much:

That war [Vietnam] is rarely mentioned among the American troops in Iraq, many of whom were not yet born when the last American combat units withdrew from Vietnam more than 30 years ago.

Maybe if we could hear Marines with three or more tours in Vietnam make the comparison we'd listen a bit more intently. Mr. Burns is no slouch and is to be commended for getting dirty and getting the story, but maybe he could leave the analysis to somebody else.

Re-Reading The Boomer Bible
Hugh Hewitt, after reading: "You may never put down a Tom Wolfe novel. But you never reread one, either," in Jacob Weisberg's review of Tom Wolfe's I am Charlotte Simmons, was wondering what modern fiction was worth re-reading. We thought he should know -- along with our loyal readers -- that InstaPunk is part of a community that has be reading and re-reading The Boomer Bible since its arrival in 1991.

There are over 500 pages of old, Delphi Forum posts and a current Forum where the intricacies of the book have been hashed out since 1996. If you would dare to get involved with The Boomer Bible, you will see that it is a book that encompases all of Western literature, history, and culture. In addition, the book has been the cause for no small number of readers to launch into a full re-education of themselves by reading volumes from the over 150 references to works of the Western literary canon -- many of their tales are captured within the pages of these forums.

InstaPunk itself is one attempt to demonstrate that the book continues to explain and predict the behavior of our modern culture. The Boomer Bible continues to provide insight into the motives and actions of key figures on the world stage and grants its readers a framework to understand issues as varied as teen pregnancy, illiteracy, runaway litigation, and corporate crime.

The main website, contains electronic versions of over 500 chapters of the book's over 2,000 chapters. There are weekly readings prescribed in the book's "Book of Common Brayer." There have been analytical essays and homilies examining this book in considerable detail. There is even a very detailed theory that The Boomer Bible predicted the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Re-read? We never stop here. And, we'd like to extend an invitation to you to take another look at this neglected work -- START HERE.

Like a Friendly Uncle
O'Reilly loves Dan Rather -- or is it Dan's job that calls to him? Vox Popoli let's O'Reilly have it for his latest defense of Dan Rather.

In an unrelated AM radio broadcast -- O'Reilly finally let Sen. Kerry have it. Why? Because he didn't notice how independent Bill O'Reilly was/is . . . a little late, Bill, Sen. Kerry lost the election.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Andy Foulds Doesn't Want His Animation Here, he did say the above screen shot is okay. Please go to his site directly to see this thing in action -- CLICK HERE

UPDATE:O, Money -- and we do mean MONEY!
Andy Foulds dropped us a comment and asked that we take down his animation. We respect copyrights and the wishes of copyright holders, so if you want to see his work, you've got to go to his site. Andy did give us permission to use a screen shot -- Thanks Andy.

O, Money
Special thanks to for the above Flash animation -- it takes a little while to load, so be patient. Once you see the "GO!" image, go ahead, click it and move your mouse around, it won't bite you. If you don't have the plug-in to see it, make every effort to get it. It is an excellent graphic for our discussion today of the "strong dollar," or lack thereof.

The graphic speaks to the nature of economists. Namely, no matter what happens, one of them is bound to be correct. So, it is with this background, we turn to an editorial written by Mark Weisbrot, codirector of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington -- their website reports that the "CEPR promotes democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people's lives." You can look at the site and some of Mr. Weisbrot's other article titles to get where he is coming from, but his article, "How a Strong Dollar has Weakened Us" (Source Archive) is our focus today.

We've been batting this around here for a little while -- having once been big deficit hawks, to now hear in our little band talk of good deficits; outstanding grades for increased government debt; and a "no problem" or two for trade deficits, we thought we'd bring you in on the discussion.

Basically, it works like this: 1) increased trade deficit; 2) decline in value of dollar; 3) increased cost of imports; 4) increased demand for exports; 5) increased domestic employment; 6) increased interest rates; 7) increased costs of production; 8) increase in inflation; 10) decreased trade deficit; 11) increase in value of dollar; 12) decreased cost of imports; 13) decreased demand for exports; 14) decreased domestic employment; 15) decreased interest rates; 16) decreased costs of production; 17) decrease in inflation; 18) REPEAT STEPS 1 through 17.

It really doesn't matter where you start the process. And, it doesn't seem like it matters who is in the White House. If your guy is in -- everything is good. If your guy is out -- everything is horrible. See? Isn't that simple. Whatever happens, there will always be an economist or three to tell you they knew it all along.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Dreams of Peace and Justice and Tolerance and Harmony
Philadelphia is unable to come across with the green for Comcast (Source Archive). The author, Andrew Cassel, seems to think that Comcast's "alternatives" involve working to fix the City of Philadelphia's tax system -- for everybody. He fails to mention that some of their "alternatives" include moving their corporate headquarters to South Carolina -- where they do provide tax incentives to relocate your business or Florida -- where the tax system is already fixed, namely, they don't have one. But, the big executives will get to miss the fabulous Philadelphia weather pattern. This "sound public policy" will continue to gut the city of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of any corporate customers -- at least office space rental rates in the Center City area can continue to languish at decade old prices for the near and long term.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Spending the Winter with George Washington
Hugh Hewitt has the Original Proclamation for Thanksgiving by our very own, President George Washington from October 3rd, 1789 -- wow, how's that for class -- that is way before 1961.

The Largest English Speaking Country in the World
Every Thanksgiving, The Wall Street Journal publishes two editorials. The Desolate Wilderness (Source Archive) and And the Fair Land (Source Archive). They have published these editorials every Thanksgiving Day since 1961. Now, InstaPunk hasn't done anything since 1961, so we thought it would show great taste to reference our readers to these fine pieces. We would also urge you to read the beginning of the Book of Damn Yanks from The Boomer Bible which you can get started on the project off of our headline link today. To get the rest, you really should get your own copy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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