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November 24, 2004 - November 17, 2004

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Spelling Counts?
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Hpapy Tniviksghang!

UPDATE: Thanks unknown. An annonymous commentator left these URL's -- Jumbler and Cmabrigde.

Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
Now, on to the future -- from 1996, anyway.

The year 2000. The year the will of the people was denied -- so, we've heard for the past four years regarding the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Here's how it turned out:

Now the BLUE States are RED! This wasn't universal, even in 2000. There are still Electoral College maps out there that have the BLUE States BLUE and the RED States RED, but this eventually moved into general use. And, let's not forget:

Above is the county-by-county map for the 2000 election. For now, just take a look at all that RED. Which, as we've noted, should be BLUE.

All of this to get to the recent election in 2004. Now, the Democrats were going to set the record straight. Now, everyone was going to show President Bush that he wasn't really the President and that a proper election with the proper number of overseeing lawyers and litigators would ensure that the will of the people would finally be heard -- and then:


So, what does it all mean? What it means is that the bulk of the country is fairly conservative. Most people oppose abortion on demand and most oppose gay marriage. The other side is facing a moment of truth. What will they do -- those BLUE States? The power held by these folks is formidable -- they control the television networks, the movie studios, the public school teachers union, the newspapers, the magazines, and most of the publishing houses. They've missed the boat with the AM radio having figured it was an old technology and good for Bible preachers and Sports talk.

The Democrats may decide to move further left, which would be a mistake. But, without the left, who are they? It is quite a pickle. The challenge to Republicans is to build rival institutions to those in control of Democrats. Fox News is a start, as is AM radio and the internet. But, where are you going to send your kids to college? Where are you going to send them to high school? What entertainment are you going to enjoy? What music? What movies? What books?

There is a bunch of work to do and victory in a Presidential election cannot be seen as anything but a start.

The Killers Still Got the Best Food
Looking for something new for Thanksgiving? The Fat Guy has a great idea -- take a look.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
To continue with our post-election analysis . . .

In 1988, the Republicans moved more to the center with President George H. W. Bush (the current President's father) who had served as President Reagan's Vice President for the previous eight years. Here is what happened:

What happened here? Well, this guy made President Bush look like a full-fledged conservative:

Another Massachusetts Liberal -- in this case, a State Governor.

Then commeth 1992. What the heck? President Bush had just wrapped up the first Iraq war and nobody wanted to run against him -- well, there were two guys that thought it was a good time to run. Bill Clinton and Ross Perot -- here is what happened:

Interesting to see that Republican States are still colored BLUE, not RED. Some of our readers were shocked to see that the Republicans were pictured as BLUE and, in fact, thought we had made some sort of mistake. But, no. These color representations were in fact the ones used during the coverage of the campaigns we're highlighting here.

1992 is a good point to pause and consider what happened. The Democrats ran to the right of their normal party platform. President Clinton had spoken of welfare reform, increased support for law enforcement, and other issues new to the Democratic party in 1992. This Guy? Ross Perot also ran on some very conservative issues -- particularly in the financial realm. What with being a billionaire, back when a billion dollars actually bought a lot of influence. Mr. Perot received 19.7 million votes (i.e., 18.8%). President Bush received 38.8 million votes (i.e., 37.1%) and President Clinton received 44.8 million votes (i.e., 42.9%).

Now, for all the hooting and hollering we had to hear from the Democrats from 2000 through 2004 regarding "Al Gore winning the popular vote," you'd never know they had a President that actually had more people vote against him than for him -- by A LOT -- 44.8 million FOR and 58.5 million AGAINST. Wow. They didn't seem to mind back then and seemed to have forgotten all about it by the 2000 election . . .

President Clinton proposed a tax increase that passed by a single vote in the House of Representatives and a tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Gore. Mrs. Clinton proposed a very elaborate federal health care system and President Clinton jammed the Brady Bill through which put all manner of silly restrictions on gun use in the U.S. The Democrats lost the House of Representatives in 1994 -- control of which they held since the Second World War -- they haven't retrieved it yet.

So, it seemed that the Republicans were ready to move back to the White House in 1996. But, then, they put up this guy:


Now, Ross Perot had run again, but this time only received eight million votes (i.e., 8.4%) and Senator Dole received 39.1 million votes (i.e., 40.7%) to President Clinton's 47.4 million votes (i.e., 49.2%). Again, more votes against President Clinton -- 47.8 million FOR and 47.1 million AGAINST. No complaints from the Democrats about every vote counting. A win is a win. Notice, BLUE is still for Republican and RED is still for Democrat.

And, let's not forget that Sen. Dole alienated many a conservative voter denouncing Pat Buchanan supporters as radicals and unwelcome in his party. So, Sen. Dole was attempting to run to the left of his base in hopes of capturing the election. He failed.

Next we'll review the latest elections for President in the U.S. But, for now, take a look and remember -- and, if it's news to you, you'll want to do some poking around the internet for some more information.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
We thought we'd take a little time to do some of that -- what they call -- post-election analysis. On the big networks, this has typically taken the form of a group of down-cast analysts wagging their heads slowly as the question -- "What can Democrats do to win?" -- is batted around between commercial breaks.

Well, none of that here. Just a little information and a few observations, and you can be on your way. First off -- 1980. For our 20 to 30 year old readers, you were a babe in arms back in these days . . . but, here's what it looked like when the red-states were red and the blue-states were blue -- no editor in his right-mind would have associated RED with Ronald Reagan in 1980. That is because RED has always meant the REDS or the Communists. You can remember this because Communists called for -- and got -- a bloody revolution. And, blood is RED. Also, they had symbols, like their flag for instance, which had a subtle allusion to the color RED and blood, like this:

There were also little sayings and bumper stickers like, "Better Dead than RED," which meant that people with these stickers or T-Shirts wanted the REDS to know that they, themselves, would rather be DEAD than RED. Meaning, DEAD instead of Communists. And, since the Communists preached the bloody revolution, these Dead than RED guys wanted to be sure the REDS knew that they had to kill them because they weren't going to be RED. The fact that Dead and RED rhyme is just a bonus.

Anyway these "Better Dead than RED" folks voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980. This is what they got for their trouble:

See? All BLUE. Why? Because no one would have associated RED with President Ronald Reagan. "How could this happen?," you might ask. Well, he ran against this guy:

And, this guy:

And, as it turned out, it was "Just Peanuts."

Then, in 1984, the Democrats fielded this:

And, this is what they got for their trouble:

President Reagan remarked to friends, "I think they stole Minnesota."

If you'd like to see more, just leave a comment. For now, you can digest this and we'll work on the rest.

Friday, November 19, 2004

What is Everyone Talking About?
This is our third weekend since the election -- 11/02/2004. What is everyone talking about?

A brief survey . . .

Lot's of stuff at InstaPundit, including a space tourism discussion; Karl Rove; the cost of mega-trials; his brother's blog; and, he gave some blood.

Hugh Hewitt discusses the exile of the Salvation Army from Target department stores. Evidently, he's been on this for a couple of days now.

Michelle Malkin is commenting upon LIBERAL RACISM AND CONDI RICE (we really don't like calling the good doctor, "Condi." It just seems overly-familiar.That's no pinata, that's my baby! We're probably just being a bunch of asses.); the appeal of Sheryl Hardy in THE DEATH OF BRADLEY MCGEE; and, from last Saturday, the kid smuggled into the U.S. in a piñata. Maybe that should be as a piñata.

Kos hasn't posted anything for the past couple of days, but DemFromCT seems to be keeping the blog a-goin'. DemFromCT seems to be happy about problems in Fallujah. And, LondonYank seems happy to see the weakening of the U.S. dollar.

The Afro-Netizen is talking about the racist language used at Ebay. And, how much money it takes to run a blog. Speaking of money, you can always support the on-going operations of InstaPunk via the Amazon Cup in the top left panel. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind these many years.

American Digest is taking a break, traveling to Chico, California

Andrew Sullivan is talking about the murder of a young Jewish man shot in the head on the streets of Antwerp and provides a link to a San Francisco regarding the murder of THEO VAN GOGH.

Little Green Footballs has a post regarding Sears/KMart's acquisition of France. They are also posting about Professor Shearer’s class entitled "Topics in Foreign Policy — The Bush Administration,” a lecture that uses the Professor's intimate knowledge of President Bush gained by living across the hall from him during their Freshman years at Yale.

And, finally, Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly hasn't posted anything since October 24th.

So, there you have it. A bunch of -- what? Not much. Which is kind of interesting in it's own way.

And, what are they writing about that Senator dude that ran for President? CNN/SI has him as Sportsman of the Year (Source Archive). We can't add anything to all this. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

FOLLOW-UP: Nothing Worth Dying For?
MP sent in an interesting follow-up piece to our little commentary on the murder of Theo Van Gogh. It seems that there are other people that think it is important to look at the current war against Islamo-Facism as a -- don't say it -- religious war. Don't say it! It is a war on T E R R O R. Not R E L I G I O N.

It is a war on T E R R O R. Not R E L I G I O N.

Sorry, a little mind-control exercise. Back on topic. MP passed along an article entitled, The assassin's master sermon by Spencer (Source Archive). The subject of the article, as the title betrays, is the letter that the assassin stuck to Van Gogh's chest with a knife. It was an open letter to Ayaan Hirshi Ali, a secular Muslim, a member of the Netherlands' parliament, and the late Theo van Gogh's collaborator in a film attacking Islam's treatment of women. Quite a resumé.

It actually gives Ali the chance to put her life on the line for her beliefs. Exactly the chance Wayne is given in our headline link -- Beliefs, chapter 10ff.

Now, the question that everyone needs to ask is, "How can a book, written in 1991, have foretold just such an encounter?" And, I hope everyone has taken the trouble to find out how Wayne faired. But, to find that out, you'll have to read the book. Which is something that may be difficult for some of you, but, if you really, really try, you can do it. If you don't want an autographed copy of The Boomer Bible you can get the regular version at

It should also be noted that there seems to be a bit of controversy over who, exactly, this Spengler guy is . . . check it out. Maybe he'll contact us and clear it all up. Until then, we'll just have to interact with the writing . . .

UPDATE: Ayaan Hirshi Ali is a woman -- good call OldThumbs

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Microsoft Competition?
We remember when Microsoft went after IBM. We all cheered. Now that Microsoft has become IBM we're always happy to note when an underdog rises up to accept the challenge. How are they doing? A lot better as told by Cynthia L. Webb in a piece in the Washington Post -- Firefox Flames Internet Explorer (Source Archive). And, it's FREE, which has to count for something.

We've used Mozilla here for years and encourage everyone we meet to use it. We don't experience the little problems that IE users tell us about and we don't see all the pop-up ads people seem to enjoy so much these days. But, we're contrarians.

It would also be a good time to point out other FREE products that can make your life easier. Even if you don't do the programming yourself, you should make sure that your developers do -- especially if you're paying the bills. Don't use Active Server Pages (ASP -- Microsoft) and Access (Microsoft); DO USE PHP and MySQL. They're both FREE and fully documented -- see PHP Manual and MySQL Manual.

That feels better. Glad we brought it up.

We've noticed that folks that come here from a Google or other search engine link are often just dumped onto our main page -- they don't seem to track the permanent links that would bring you directly to what you searched. So, we've put up a search feature here at InstaPunk. The search box in the left panel should help you in your search for knowledge. Good luck.

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