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November 16, 2004 - November 9, 2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Nothing Worth Dying For? -- you just might get your chance
It has been awhile since we last discussed how works (See Here). Today is a very good day to call this to your attention again. As regular readers know, most of our headline links lead to a particular section of The Boomer Bible by R. F. Laird (New York, NY: Workman Publishing, 1991).

Now, when you click on the 'Nothing Worth Dying For?' link above you will be taken to chapter ten of the Book of Beliefs from the Punk Testament of The Boomer Bible. There is a 'Next' link that will take you to chapter eleven of the same book. The entire two chapters are excellent primers for today's news item.

Our fraternal site, explains many aspects of The Boomer Bible, but the hard copy of the book is the best way to understand all that is going on. You can get yourself an autographed copy of the book from The Boomer Bible's on-line store or you can get a regular, unsigned copy at

The Washington Times has an editorial (Source Archive) that highlights some of the problems created by a culture that believes nothing is worth dying for. The editorial was prompted by the murder of a Dutch filmmaker and columnist, Theo Van Gogh (a grandnephew of the painter). The prime suspect, a Muhammad Bouyeri, a 26-year-old Dutch Moroccan has been taken into custody after a very war-like action including hand grenades and closed down air space over the Dutch capital.

The editorial gives a brief background of the struggle between the country's carefree atmosphere and its growing Muslim population. It is worthy of reading and considering the larger dilemma in which we find ourselves. President Bush's victory not withstanding.

It seems to us that we are being called upon by this war on Islamo-Fascism to consider what it is -- EXACTLY -- that we believe? What, exactly, do we stand-for? Or, as it was once put to us, "What is in? And, how far is out?" We suspect that there is a very wobbly answer to this question among most Americans. And this editorial is as good a reason as any to begin to think about the topic.

It is fine to say nothing matters and there are no standards for individual behavior until you come across a group of people that will shoot you, cut your throat, and attach a five-page indictment to your chest with a knife because of what they believe. Then, it just might be time to state your position clearly. Put in its starkest terms, "What is worth dying for?"

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hockey -- which is an excellent way . . .
Sorry, I haven't written for awhiles. I've been very busy. Well, I actually have been doing a little more drinking than usual. My mother and father came in from Europe and they -- my father for sure -- weren't too happy. My father screamed at me when he saw all the empty Vodka bottles around. I told him I lost track and was sorry. He didn't talk much after the shouting.

I guess what pushed me over the edges was the anyfell TV contract. What gives? The anyshell has meesed 520 Games and those guys with the footballs are getting another $17.6 billions US. Us hockey guys only have Barry Melrose and the chance to sell ads for the games -- sometimes. Nobody seems to mees the hockey as much a me. Alot of my friends are playing the hockey in Europe, but I want to play in America -- I love America. I did find one guy (Source Archive) who meeses the hockey, but he doesn't want anybody to know his name.

Puck Punk's Den

I have watched much more of the footballs. The Monday Footballs has a big song with a fat guy in a beard screaming, kids banging on drums with the cameras inside, girls jumping up and down, and Air Force jets screaming over the stadium. Then, the game starts and I don't get what happens. Ten seconds of rumble and the guys walk back and talk about it. Then, you see a commercial. Back to the rumble, the talking, the commercial. The 10-second rumble, the talking, the commercial. How do people do this?

Don't people know they can watch stretches and stretches of the hockey with no commercials at all. Sometimes the commercial but not after every shift. Sometimes the buy three tickets get another one for free with a free T-shirts for everybody, the free hotdogs for everybody, the free Cokes for everybody, and the free parking announcement read by the guy calling the game. And still the people stay home and don't watch the hockey. I don't understand it.

Then this guy told me the anyfell plays sixteen games a season. 16! That's the number of wins the team in the hockey has to win to get the Stanley Cup -- in the playoffs. The hockey has 80 regular season games for the team to play and then they have to get the 16 wins in the playoffs which could take almost 30 games to get! We could give the TV guys lots more games for their $17.6 billions US. Lots more. And we don't need no jets flying over the stadiums.

Anywat, my parents left. I got some food from my mother that I love. I've been sober now for about 48 hours. But, I just finished reading this Dilbeck guy (Source Archive) . . . Talk to you later . . .

Sunday, November 14, 2004

TV Originality
What gets funnier and funnier about Robin Williams? People saying, "Robin Williams is funny." Robin Williams is funny Why bag on Robin Williams? We don't know, we just thought it was time. We tried to think of the last time we saw him . . . can't remember. Maybe it had to do with that Massachusetts Senator that ran for President -- what was his name? We know -- he was great in Good Will Hunting -- but, we just can't stop thinking of him as Mork. Whatever happened to Mindy? Now, there was a talent.

Now, that's funny

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Because a Pointed Stick is a Cannon is a Nuclear Warhead . . .
As Operation Phantom Fury (Source Archive) rages in Fallujah today -- I thought I'd chime in with a little field report on the Heckler and Koch 40mm GMG (Source Archive), a select-fire grenade machine gun. Just to give you some idea of what is at the disposal of the guys on the ground.

At 1000 yards it proves accurate; at 500 yards it is absolutely zeroed! Remember, at 1,000 meters the 10' x 10' plywood target looks extremely small. The reviewer reports that in full auto, the weapon works in terms of 16 meter groupings. Once he figured out how to "ride" the 40mm GMG, he got tight groupings. He picked an area of brush on the 750 meter mark and covered it with a 3-second burst. The H&K 40mm GMG was finished firing before the first rounds hit and he sat back and watched the bright flashes of light saturate the area. He was mighty impressed. I was reminded that the objective was to "cover" an area, not put them all in the same spot. Keeping the group fairly tight was easy. Indirect fire with a good spotter is better than any mortar could dream of being.

With a rate of fire 330 rpm; a maximum range of 2,200m; and a muzzle velocity of 241 m/s (THAT IS METERS PER SECOND -- to put it in familiar terms, that is over 700 feet per second -- for a 40mm x 53 grenade). Muslims hearing Abu Musab Al Zarqawi's call to take up arms against America should read the full review.

Good day.

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