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October 7, 2004 - September 30, 2004

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Even More:   Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
For those following the Electoral Vote Predictor. As of 10/7/2004, it is Bush 264 | Kerry 253 a shift in Senator Kerry's favor from 9/30/2004 where it was Bush 280 | Kerry 254.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
Please tell us that no one is watching these exchanges to decide how to cast their vote. And, also, tell us that people are not reading The New York Times to decide how to cast their vote. And, tell us that Senator Edwards did not cite the Washington Post last night in the reverential tones reserved for the words of Christ and his apostles.

Oh, and one more thing. What is with the "moderators?" Don't the Republicans get to pick one?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hockey -- which is an excellent way . . .
Hi -- just tryin to keep it goin while we don't get to play the hockey. As of today the whole NHL has meesed 23 games. For the first few weeks, I showed up for the practice but nobody was there. I called my agent to find out where practice was and he said there wasn't going to be no practice because of a strike. "Is that why there has been no check?" "Yes," he told me.

I know nobody watches the hockey here in America -- I love America! -- but, I thought I would tell the people that there is no hockey to watch anyway. Since my agent said that the guys at InstaPunk would pay me a little bit to write about the hockey while I don't get to play -- or even practice. "Just don't use your real name!" he screamed at me -- but I heard him just fine. "What name should I use?" "They'll give you one." And he hung up. He said the guys are a little political sometimes, so I thought that I would talk a little politics.

How about gay marriage? What is the big deal? In the hockey, we have had the gay marriage for at least ten years when David Duchovny married Teemu Selanne -- at least that's what I heard. Teemu plays for the Colorado Avalanche, but he is not so good as me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Duchovny is married to Ms Tea Lioni, not Teemu Selanne. But, it is Puck Punk's first column and we didn't want to get cross-wise with him -- or, more importantly, his agent who seems to be particularly grumpy these days.

The Only Place for Mankind to Go
We're not big on petitions around here, but when it is serious -- action must be taken. So, what had come to us only in the form of rumor and unsubstatiated assertions has been confirmed by a Philadelphia journalist -- Mr. Stu Bykofsky (Source Archive). Old No. 7 Black Label has been watered down! With actual water. And Stu was man enough to get Jack Daniel's Distillery on the telephone and demand an explanation. Which he got, but it was wholly unacceptable. There is a petition and all must sign and sign and sign. This is an emergency. Forget Bush, forget Kerry, forget the Islamo-terrorists -- this is serious.

Monday, October 04, 2004

White People Talk A Bunch of Different Ways
Afronetizen sounds a little suspicious about Senator Kerry and his new found friends. What? Is there something odd about a New England blue blood working side-by-side with tireless Black grassroots organizers? We wouldn't think so . . .

A Remote and Insignificant Sector of the Universe
Are you scared? Are you afraid that if we don't do something the earth will become uninhabitable because it just keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter, until . . . well, you know the rest. Not so fast.

The Geek Press is pointing out an article that appeared at

Hans von Storch, a climate modeller at the GKSS Institute for Coastal Research in Geesthacht, Germany, and his colleagues. Consequently researchers might have underestimated the size of temperature fluctuations from Roman times until the nineteenth century, by a factor of two or more.
I'm not sure what all that means, but if Hans isn't worried, than we should all be free to worry about something else.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

EVEN MORE:    Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes

So the choice for America is, you can have a plan that I've laid out in four points, each of which I can tell you more about or you can go to and see more of it; or you have the president's plan, which is four words: more of the same. I think my plan is better.
Senator John Kerry, 9/30/2004
This caught our ear when we heard it because it may be the first time a website was called out during a Presidential debate. Our initial thoughts were, "Wow. That would be a great place to lay out a full plan for the security of the United States." And, "H-m-m-m, maybe our enemies could use such a detailed plan to bolster their own planning." And, "Maybe we've been too hard on Senator Kerry, thinking he hadn't really said anything specific about the security of the United States;" Or, "Maybe it is our own laziness that has caused us to misjudge this man . . . "

So, it was with great interest, fear, and trepidation that we stopped by Here is the plan, in its entirety:

Today, we face three great challenges above all others - First, to win the global war against terror; Second, to stop the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; Third, to promote democracy, freedom, and opportunity around the world, starting by winning the peace in Iraq. To meet these challenges, John Kerry's national security policy will be guided by four imperatives:

Launch And Lead A New Era Of Alliances
The threat of terrorism demands alliances on a global scale - to utilize every available resource to get the terrorists before they can strike at us. As president, John Kerry will lead a coalition of the able - because no force on earth is more able than the United States and its allies.

Modernize The World's Most Powerful Military To Meet New Threats
John Kerry and John Edwards have a plan to transform the world's most powerful military to better address the modern threats of terrorism and proliferation, while ensuring that we have enough properly trained and equipped troops to meet our enduring strategic and regional missions.

Deploy All That Is In America's Arsenal
The war on terror cannot be won by military might alone. As president, John Kerry will deploy all the forces in America's arsenal - our diplomacy, our intelligence system, our economic power, and the appeal of our values and ideas - to make America more secure and prevent a new generation of terrorists from emerging.

Free America From Its Dangerous Dependence On Mideast Oil
To secure our full independence and freedom, we must free America from its dangerous dependence on Mideast oil. By tapping American ingenuity, we can achieve that goal while growing our economy and protecting our environment.

That's it? That's the plan? [Like Bruce Willis in Armageddon.] You couldn't bring those points up in the framework of the debate? You couldn't rattle those four platitudes off in about fifteen seconds? Oh, that wouldn't have sounded like much of a plan. And, it doesn't. Whew! We're not that lazy afterall.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

There Are No Contradictions
Just because we haven't seen anyone point this out -- emphasis added.

In response to:
LEHRER: New question, two minutes, Senator Kerry. "Colossal misjudgments." What colossal misjudgments, in your opinion, has President Bush made in these areas?

KERRY: The president moved the troops, so he's got 10 times the number of troops in Iraq than he has in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden is. Does that mean that Saddam Hussein was 10 times more important than Osama bin Laden -- than, excuse me, Saddam Hussein more important than Osama bin Laden? I don't think so.

In rebuttal to President Bush's response to:
LEHRER: New question, Mr. President. Two minutes. What about Senator Kerry's point, the comparison he drew between the priorities of going after Osama bin Laden and going after Saddam Hussein?

KERRY: And now we see beheadings. And we got weapons of mass destruction crossing the border every single day, and they're blowing people up. And we don't have enough troops [in Iraq.]

So, what is it? We shouldn't be in Iraq? We have too much force in Iraq? Or -- drum roll please -- We do not have enough force in Iraq?

Changing to Meet the Needs of a Changing World
BERKELEY, CA - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is not worried about having his job outsourced. It seems his job is safe and he thinks it is going to be great to have Indians and Chinese getting rich too . . . "Take it from me, being rich is great" Gates reported. Very movingly covered in the Mercury News ( Archive Source).

MORE: Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
Oswald Sobrino took the time to document sentiments shared here. It will be interesting to see who is correct in the assessment -- multi-millionaire broadcasters or a bunch of punks . . .

When we read "Kerry comes across as pompous and obnoxious," we instantly thought of the following:

In response to:
Speaking of Vietnam, you spoke to Congress in 1971, after you came back from Vietnam, and you said, quote, "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? Are Americans now dying in Iraq for a mistake?"

Kerry responded: "No, and they don't have to, providing we have the leadership that I'm offering."

Well, thank you so much, Senator.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Climbing the Tree of Man
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll -- and a law degree. Despite their spendthrift reputation, many of those who rocked at Woodstock 35 years ago have "accumulated more real wealth and earn more real income than their parents did at a comparable age." They have learned from Harry well, so says Christopher Farrell, BusinessWeek. Read all about it.

The Setback

Here on the Plantation, we watched forty minutes of the debate before this image came to mind. It wasn't until fifty minutes into the thing that Senator Kerry used the phrase, "Under My Administration." Why? Because, until then he was in the "Is Not! / Is Too!" debate form. Anyway, Hugh Hewitt covers all this much better than I care to -- remember? -- Generally all day today and specifically this morning.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
We thought we would call out this fun little site -- Electoral Vote Predictor. As of 9/29/2004, it was Bush 273 | Kerry 241 -- at 8:59 AM EDT today it is Bush 280 | Kerry 254 -- I know I said yesterday that I was sick of all this -- but, you know you love it! President Bush has been as high as 317 over the past few weeks, so we'll monitor this little prognosticator as the race comes to a close.

Stay Tuned
Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Know Who He is Voting For? That's what he says twenty-five times a day in his various venues. We've been forced to listen to him on the plantation because there is just nothing else on the radio at the time they re-broadcast the show.

We want to be on the record -- bullshit. Here is a guy that lives and dies with political mish-mash everday of his life. Can somebody please write in and let us know what -- exactly -- the next few weeks will be clarifying for the loud-mouth leprechaun? For a guy that smacks around about how there is NO SPIN on his TV or radio shows, this seems to be most dubious. Cut us a break. This guy is sure about everything. He's even sure about what the folks think about everything from immigration to capital punishment -- but he cannot penetrate his own mind with the same dexterity? It does not compute and we just had to tell somebody!

It certainly is not true and, as a matter of policy -- it is irresponsible.

Get Even -- No Matter What it Costs
Knoxville, TN -- Our famous friend, Glenn Reynolds of , has started a weekly series, Songs About the Southland for Guardian Unlimited. Glenn explores possible explanations for the fact that in the past 40+ years, no Democrat has won the White House unless he has Southern roots. The last one to do it being President John F. Kennedy. Congratulations to Glenn and InstaPundit.

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