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September 29, 2004 - September 22, 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Piss in the River
Philadelphia -- What do you get when you combine thousands of tourists, soft pretzels, alchoholic beverages, and four public toilets? According to Dan Geringer in this morning's Philadelphia Daily News, you get something like an "organic composting experiment gone horribly wrong." Read all about the latest decorating tips from Philadelphia's very own "self-styled quasi-public Penn's Landing Corp -- directly
( Source Archive).

Now, That Was a President
BlogQuebecois called out this tremendous site -- HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. Boy, oh boy, that felt great! Remember when Bubba was in the White House? Oh, what days they were. We were always so depressed here when we thought of that guy in the Oval Office -- especially when we learned what he did in there. We thought the Office of the Presidency was degraded forever.

So, "Why?," you ask? Why do we have to continue to bag on William Jefferson Clinton? Well, I will tell you. I am sick of this election. I turned off Bill O'Reilly's interview of himself with President George W. Bush on the TV last night sighing, "I just can't take anymore of this." I mean, can't President Bush just have Senator Kerry arrested as an enemy combatant, suspend the election, and keep him in interrogation for three or four years? You know, to find out what medals or ribbons or what not were thrown over the wall and to find out where, exactly, he was on Christmas Eve -- that kind of stuff. Plus, they could find out who is feeding Sen. Kerry his lines against the interim Iraqi government. And, where he's getting all his campaign cash. And, things like that . . .

So, take a moment and remember. It just might be the perfect debate prep.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Behold Paradise
Regular readers know that most of our headline links lead to a particular section of The Boomer Bible. Every now and then, we like to call this feature of out to our readers -- directly -- so they can't miss it. Today is such an entry.

As it turns out, the Table of Harrier Days directs readers to Harry's 2nd Week in Philadelphia. You can always see exactly what is to be read for a particular week in the upper left hand side of The Boomer Bible's home page. You will also find a platitude for the day right there at the top of the page.

Now, when you click on the 'Behold Paradise' link above you will be taken to one of the readings directed for this commemoration. Be sure to read both chapters referenced -- i.e., Centralians 8 & 9.

Our fraternal site, explains many aspects of The Boomer Bible, but the hard copy of the book is the best way to understand all that is going on. You can get yourself an autographed copy of the book from The Boomer Bible's on-line store or you can get a regular, unsigned copy at

All this so you can appreciate our surprise when we turned to The Philadelphia Inquirer this morning and found a Mr. John K. Binswanger arguing the points made in our directed reading -- sort of. When we can, we will provide you with our archive source link, so you don't have to register for the multitude of papers and news services we read each day -- just to make it easier for you and subject ourselves to endless litigation.

Especially if You Have a Printing Press
Jim Treacher urges everyone to read the New York Times's send up of bloggers ( Archive Source). I read it, although I haven't read the author, Matthew Klam's Sam the Cat and Other Stories.

What a condescending picture of bloggers. Why doesn't the NYT announce its monthly income from writing? Like, $268,916,666 in monthly advertising revenue that translates into $25,221,250 per month in net income -- that's with everyone getting a salary (see NYT financial information, .pdf format, here). Yet, Klam gives the impression that $10,000 per month for a blogger is scandalously compromising -- even though he notes that Moulitsas and Atrios together have "more readers than The Philadelphia Inquirer." Oh, yeah, he also reports, the bloggers feel badly about the ten grand.

Klam tellingly describes the paleo-media as "the once-soothing voice of nonideological press." Really?

We read this report -- so you must. It is noteworthy for its tone. We agree with Mr. Treacher that it is a good thing we were no where near Matty Klam when he was putting this piece together, but that is probably for Mr. Klam's sake (see full entry).

The NYT definitely doesn't get what bloggers are about -- especially punks with an ax to grind.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Enough to Live on in Comfort Forever
Is this the way it is supposed to be? After winning $314.9mm ($113mm after taxes) in the Christmas, 2002 PowerBall, Jack Whittaker has been robbed, sued, arrested, and just the other day, they found a dead body in his house and a video of three guys walking out with $15,000 worth of stuff. Some fun.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

History Starts Happening Again in Spain
A Mainline Punk ("MLP") sent along a story about the new government in Spain ( CLICK HERE if you don't want to register for the Telegraph). Highlights: No more money for the Catholic Church and the government has drawn up plans to finance the teaching of Islam in state-run schools and to give funds to mosques on the grounds that it will create greater understanding of the country's one million Muslims. Just think what the terrorists would get if they killed a couple of thousand Spaniards . . . MLP muses, "maybe there's a new Franco in the wings . . ."

More Movie Stuff
The Best Site in the Universe reviews I, Robot and gives an echo to a similar observation made here about The Terminal. The post may be in bad taste to some, but funny to others -- proceed at your own risk.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Religion of Peace For those still surprised at beheadings and atrocities committed in the name of the religion of peace, it might be instructive to know that today is a holy day from the old church calendar. The commemoration? You really have to see for yourself -- here. Maybe if we had grown up with parties and family get togethers around this day since we were kids, we'd be a little bit ahead of the curve on what exactly we are facing.

Historical Imperative of the Masses
Nobody is talking about illegal immigration in this election year, but somehow we think it might get important somewhere down the line -- it's already pretty important in Imperial County, CA. Where do you bury an illegal immigrant? Or, better yet, who pays for the autopsy?

If you don't want to register for yet another newspaper -- you can see the article HERE

Brute Face of Reality
The Brotherhood wants you and, everyone else too. Clandestine, underground, terrorists in your neighborhood. We're just over-reacting, we know. CLICK HERE

If you don't want to register for yet another newspaper -- you can see the article HERE

Thursday, September 23, 2004

More Caesar Salad Sit back and enjoy a little Caesar salad with Karl Rove. He is enjoying his life and the current campaign for President. You may have to register for the article, but it is well worth the time spent with this shark. Love him or hate him -- he's pretty confident his guy wins in November.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

One of the most disturbing memories of my adolescence was hearing a very creepy looking Cat Stevens explaining to an interviewer that he chose the name 'Cat' because you have to look very closely at a cat to know its sex -- see what I mean, creepy.

Anyway, thanks to littlegreenfootballs for breaking -- to me at least -- that Cat Stevens is on a terrorist watch list and he donates money to Hamas. His plane was diverted from DC to Maine when his new name, Yusuf Islam, turned up on the list. Either he's really grown a pair of coconuts over the past thirty years or he thought this was a good way to get into a general prison population.

Hossein Derakhshan seems confused that the work product of "dozens of Iranian scholars and intellectuals . . . hasn't been covered by any western news outlet." Evidently, Mr. Derakhshan doesn't realize that American scholars and intellectuals can't even read Latin anymore. Take a look at this Open Letter to American Scholars and Intellectuals and see if you can give Hossein a hint regarding the news blackout.

Female Thoughts Carey Roberts recounts the recent demise of Dan Rather and the ascendency of the New Media -- but, then, in an unexpected turn at the bottom of the article launches out at a real problem owned by the Old Media. It is so much fun when other people notice something that has been hammered out in many entries here.

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