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January 8, 2004 - January 1, 2004

Thursday, January 08, 2004

IP010804 REMEMBER THE LUSITANIA? Anyone who knows anything about the punks of South Street won't be surprised that we begin with a reminder of World War I. Here's an excerpt from Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard:

For decades after World War I, French and British generals agreed on one thing: The Americans fought poorly and played little role. That notion is now all but dead. John Keegan in "The First World War" (1998) said the American entry provided "the sudden accretion of a disequilibrating reinforcement"--in other words, the straw that broke the back of Germany. John Mosier went further in "The Myth of the Great War" (2001). "America's role in the war was absolutely decisive," he wrote. "The string of German battlefield successes stopped abruptly on the entry into the line of the newly formed American divisions, the course of the war changed drastically, and . . . the General Staff of the German army recommended that Germany seek terms." Winston Groom states flatly in "A Storm in Flanders" that "America turned the tide in favor of the Allies at the last minute."

Read the whole column. Fred introduces a squad of new WWI books, and he's our first Punk of the Week for remembering that even the distant past contributes to the present.

REVENGE OF THE HILLITES. Speaking of the present, we're as interested in the idea of "South Park Republicans" as anyone. We wonder if the paleo-cons and the neocons and the religious-cons know anything about the strange bedfellows who come from South Park. Here's a glimpse. Here's another. (It's okay to laugh; it's also okay to torture yourself with questions about why you're laughing and whether you should be. That's called thinking.)

MAWRITES ON PARADE. God love'em, they're a worldwide phenomenon now, SO irate, SO contemptuous of their foes, SO implacably certain, SO funny. We'll try to keep you attuned to their most hilarious columns on the hard right and the hard left. Here's today's.

THE ED IN THE MACHINE. It's nice to see continuing high honors for the TV journalist who best represents the standards set by the original Ed. Some of the other awards seem well earned too (keep scrolling down the page).

YANK POLITICS. Suddenly it seems everyone is upset about Howard Dean. We can't think why. Personally, we like him.

THE SWARTHMORON OF THE WEEK. It's a cinch in this all-important first week of the election year. By acclamation, the prestigious SOW award goes to

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